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Homework Jobs Skills (1)

Reason: Development of a decent housing construction and improvement program, provision of
basic services and promotion of sustainable construction.
Vision: Build a world in which each person has a decent place to live.
Job position: Habitat and development officer
Qualifications and skills:
I’m a creative and active person, with good interpersonal skills that it is significant in the
development area, with leader ship, management skills and problem solvings in my
specialization area.
Academic background:
Master degree in Geography in urban development
Especialitation in:
Human right’s and public politics
Development project management
Real estate project management
Work experience:
10 years advising development projects on decent housing, developing innovate
strategies for fund raising, leading the relation between the targets communities and
principal skate holders.
Susana Nolasco
o Job position: Marketing Specialist.
o Qualifications and skills:
o Academic background
o Work experience
o how all these help the company
Qualifications and skills: I´m responsable and organizer person whit skills for work whit
people ans several targets. With ability to transform challenges in opportunities. Fulfilling
the assigned projects with specific times.
Academic background: I´m Bachellor Communications Degree and Master in Marketing.
Work experience: I have 11 years of experience in Corporate communications / PR and 2
years experience and MKT.
How all these help the company: Whit my experience I´m be able to do a Strategy for
marketing for severar targets and Satrategy PR whit special targets like goverment, ONG´s,
Mass media on and off line.
Juan: Gerente de operaciones.
David: IT manager.
Hello, ____ the first thing I want to tell you is that because the pandemic, the company needs to
do a restructuring. We have been forced to make the decision to release you from your contract
with us.
We know that you are an excellent professional but our budget has been impacted.
In what we can help you to continue, we are here to support you as it is not a personal decision.
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[email protected]
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