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interation 5

1. What is an earthship?
The aerthship is a proyect of arquitect Michael Reynolds. He invented house that are self-sufficient
made on recycled material, that used tires, can and bottle. To build an earth they stack the tares
to form walls to hold up the house, the can and bottles are used to make others walls, the colored
bottles are often used to make decorative walls. The most important the earthship are selfsufficient, it produce electricity and heat using solar energy and it can collect water from rain or
snow, and filter it clean it, after the water is used once, its used repeatedly. it’s used food
growing plast or the used to flush toilets. The idea of micheal has travelled round the world, there
are earthship in the Netherlands, Nicaragua and soon Malawi.
Earschip is aproyect of arquitec micheal reynol. Ji inventec jaousin dad ar selfsuficient maid on
resaiclet material, dad used taires, kan boutels. To baild an ears the estak di tirias tu form walls tu
holl ad de kan an boutels ar used to maik oders wolls, de colored boutels ar often used tu maik
decoratif wolls. De most important de earchip ar self sufficient it produc electric and jead using
solar energy and it ken collags wuota form rain or esnou and filter it clian tu fulss toilet. De idia of
michel has travel de world der ar earchip in the nerland Nicaragua o Malawi.
2. What do you think are the pros and against of the earthships?
There are different pros for have earthship some of these reasons it is opportunities the houses
more poors because is freedom, that self-sufficient or it’s the cheap. It’s important explain that
sustainable does not mean primitive or divorced from comforts and beautifull earthship offer all of
the comforts of modern homes and it’s eco-friendly. Earthships offer a brilliant system water
recycling that used first drink or cook, after it used once, it’s used repeatedly for food growing
plast and flush the toilets. Other reason is that is easy to bulid and it’s made of recycled materials
for this reason is very cheap also.
Der ar diferent pros for jaf earchip son of dis rison it is oportunitis de jouse mor purs because id
fridaum, dad self sufficient or it’s the cheap. It´s importat explain dad sustainbol daes not mens
primitif or divorsef form confort an biuriful earschip offer all de conforts of modern homs and it’s
eco friendli. Earschip offer a brilliant ssitem wuota recyclin dad used first drink or kuk after it used
wuans it’s used repepli for fud groung plant and fulss toilet. Oders rison is dad is isy to bould and
it’s mode of recycled matierials for dis rison is very chip also.
3. Would you like to live in an earthship?
Yes, I liked to live in an earthship, but i liked most more this house be used the most people poors,
they need it more. Or the people that live in remote area, for example Africa that for him
conditions this homes could chances him the lifes.
Yes, laiket tu lif in an earschip but I liked most mor dis jauss be used de most pipol poors dei nid it
mor or de pipol dad lif in remot ariha for exampol Africa dad for gim condishions dis jons kul
cheins gim de tuu
4. Is it possible to have this kind of projects in Colombia for instance, social interest housing?
It is very difficult fisth reason the build the social interest housing is the business the several
families, but if this kind of projects is used for foundations that “un techo para mi pais” between
others is an opportunities the from the most people poors.
It is very dificul firs reason de build de social interst jousin is de businex de several familis but if dis
kin of proyect is used for fundeishon dad “un techo para mi pais” bitwen others is an oportuniti
de from de most pipol purs