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activity 1 - Inglés IV

the best trip ever
I made the trip from Medellin and in high season. The price I made was 500 thousand pesos,
the first thing I should clarify is that for this price you will not have luxuries, but it is perfect
to go and live a nice experience. I packed comfortable, light, beach clothes, such as
waterproof pants, pants, shirts, shorts, T-shirts. I knew the weather would be warm, but
cool. The first thing is to get to the northern terminal in Medellin. It is better to buy the bus
tickets in time because in high season they sell out very fast. From the bus stop in Necoclí
to the port it is a 5 minute walk, do not pay a cab.
From the port boats and small planes leave every twenty minutes, we decided to go by small
plane because in forty minutes we arrived.
When we arrived in Capurganá we went to the hostel. Usually, many foreigners arrive to
these hostels, so it is a plus to be able to share with other cultures during your stay.
The hostel I recommend is called Hector's House and with the profits of this place they take
care of the abandoned animals of the region. The place is beautiful, they speak 3 languages
and serve organic coffee.
The first thing is that Capurganá is not a place to go to relax, it is a place full of adventure
and requires energy. The second day after arriving I started my way to Sapzurro and
Panama, I must say that this was my favorite part of the trip.
To get there there are two ways: by boat or through the jungle of Choco. The way through
the jungle is 2 hours, there are several viewpoints of birds and along the way you can see
groups of monkeys, reptiles, and mammals, it's worth it no matter how exhausting it is. That
day we arrived at Sapzurro at about 2 o'clock and we also got to know Panama, Sapzurro is
a beautiful and quiet beach where I met incredible people, in Panama the sea is so beautiful
that you can see the fish swimming with the swimmers.
The third day I took a boat to go to two places that everyone recommended me: Aguacate
Bay and Soledad Beach. You can't imagine the beauty of these places, it's almost unreal,
there are almost no tourists there.
Well, on the fourth day we rested and went out to enjoy the cigua festival.
The weather, the place and the people are wonderful, it was a spectacular experience.