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Privacy Portal Datasheet

Self-Service Privacy Portal App
Self-Service SaaS Privacy Portal App
▶ End-to-end data rights automation from request to fulfillment
▶ Authenticate user requests, validate deletion, and manage
consumer preferences and request lifecycle
▶ Integrated with BigID’s market leading
data discovery
Get end-to-end data subjects rights request intake and lifecycle
management service with the BigID Privacy Portal. Easily
respond to and manage your users’ personal data privacy rights
(Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), Deletion, and Opt-Out
▶ Self Service Request Portal: Automate, track, and monitor
requests and preferences management.
▶ Data Rights Lifecycle Management: Manage approvals, task
delegation, and deletion workflows with an admin dashboard.
▶ Robust Template Configuration: Configure the user experience for intuitive responses & interaction for multiple
personas: consumers, users, customers, employees
▶ Extensive Authentication Options: Authenticate and validate
requests for both customers and non-customers
Automate Fulfillment:
Out of the box integration with
BigID privacy platform
IT system integration for deletion
request operalization
Authentication integration
Support for customer and
non-customer request authentication
and validation
Native SSO via OAuth
Third party verification providers
▶ Automate data rights fulfillment with BigID’s market leading
data discovery platform for privacy. Find PII / PI; across any
data source or pipeline; pre-correlated to any consumer and
employee; customized response reporting. BigID identifier search
Externally capture and inventory
personal identifiers
Know Your Data | Privacy • Protection • Perspective
End-to-End Data Rights
with BigID
BigID empowers organizations to know their data - and
gain the insights they need for privacy, protection, and
perspective. A discovery in-depth approach gives 360°
visibility to personal data and deep data intelligence
across all types of data, across all data stores.
Organizations can leverage BigiD as a complete end-toend data rights platform, from a self service portal to
automated fulfillment and reporting - all on a foundation
of discovery-in-depth covering all data, everywhere.
Self-service portal for inbound requests
Automatically discover and identify all
personal data correlated by identity
Manage, track, fulfill, and report on data
rights requests
Automate data record keeping & 3rd party
Validate deletion, consent capture, and
proof of permissions
Ensure sustainable compliance with a
framework for privacy & risk management
The First End-to-end Data Rights Platform
Manage Consumer Data Rights from Request Intake to Fulfillment
Track & Report
Manage Requests
Data Discovery
Automate Fulfillment
BigID Privacy Apps
Move beyond policy and process
to data-centric privacy compliance
and automation.
Data Rights Automation
Data Transfers & Sovereignty
Data Processes &
PI/PII Inventory
Opt-In / Opt-Out Consent Governance
Self-Service Privacy Portal
Third-Party Sharing Know Your Data | Privacy • Protection • Perspective