Subido por Enrique Talavera

Tarea 2

Teacher: Aldo Elias Paz La Torre
Student: Enrique Talavera Chávez / u18308054
(ACV-S02) Homework - Images and audio
Exercise 1
Robert can play soccer, he’s playing right now.
Kate can swim in the pool with the help of a float and water glasses.
John can't stop grimacing when he's in front of a camera.
Alice can't skate with those skates, they are a model that her grandparents used many years ago.
Tom and Jim can play chess in the park, as long as the table is available of course.
Ben can't play guitar like a pro, even though he's recording in the studio right now.
Peter can draw very well, he is taking private lessons after school.
Joe and Meg can ride a bike together on the way to school, they are good friends.
Exercise 2
She can swim in the olympic pool
She can't breathe underwater
They can survive, hopefully
They can't survive the car crash
She can smell burnt food
She can't cook a meal