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Aris Nataly Ledesma
Eugenio de Jesús Marcano
German Batista
Liceo Educación Para Pensar
U s e o f t h e w o r d "B e c a u s e"
Is used to focus on the reason of something
“Because of my friends
I had a great birthday”
“I am wet because it
was raining outside”
“I am sad because my
boyfriend broke up with me”
U s e o f t h e w o r d "S i n c e"
Used when we want to focus more on the results rather than the reason
“Since I studied geography all
the weekend, I got an A in the
“Since my cell phone is
damaged, I am not able to
see the messages”
“They decided to go
to sleep, since it was
very late”
Use of emotions
My father is sad, his
favorite basketball
team lost the game
I am so bored; I
would like to play a
video game
Look how happy my
sister is
CONFUSED She is very confused
This movie is funny
My mother is angry
because I did not do
my homework
I'm about to finish high school and I can truly say that this was a positive
experience for me. Then I'll tell you why.
First of all, I attended the Liceo Educación Para Pensar because my mother
wanted me to study at an educational center near our home. I liked this
because it didn't take that long on the way from home to school.
Another important reason that high school was a positive experience is
because in this I met my best friends. Another reason was because the
classes seemed to me interesting, I had some excellent teachers and most
of them interactive classes taught.
Finally, I must say thank those people who made my time in high school a
better experience. Really that knowledge I learned in high school will help me
a lot in college.
Currently with the Covid 19 pandemic, classes are held virtually. At 8:55 I
start all the preparations to connect to the classes, at 8:00 the Teacher sends
the link for the class, but sometimes the class is asynchronous. From 9:20 to
9:45 we have a break where I get ready to have breakfast, at the end of the
break I have another class that ends at 10:25 starting another break that
ends at 10:40. At the end of the second recess, our last class begins, which
ends at 12:00, giving way to what is lunch.