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How drug use influences the family ( va como subtema)
Domestic violence is more likely: that the person hurts their partner. Child abuse: the person is
more likely to hurt the children in the house. arrests and imprisonment. serious health problems
and death
CIJ centro de integración juvenil
It is a body incorporated into the health sector. It was founded in 1969 with the objective of
contributing to the reduction of drug demand with the participation of the community.
Has 120 Operating Units distributed throughout the country that provide services of all kinds to
prevent addictions. It also has a research program and different alternatives for the training of
It has psychological support services, self-diagnosis and brief online advice.
What can cause addictions?
Addictions are initiated for various reasons of which most are problems that are in your family
environment or in society, those are addictive behaviors towards something like excessive
consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco like gambling, eating too much and snoozing on the
The causes are: social pressures, emotional problems, curiosity, family problems,
Most addictive drogs
1. Heroin
Heroin is an opiate that causes the dopamine level of the brain's reward system to rise up to
200% in laboratory animals.
2. Cocaine
It prevents neurons from turning off the dopamine signal, which causes abnormal activation of
the brain's reward circuitry.
3. Nicotine
It causes the dopamine levels of the brain's reward system to increase by roughly 25-40%.
5. Alcohol
Increases dopamine levels in the brain's reward system by 40 to 360%
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