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conversacion nin

1. Morning, XXX speaking, how can I help?
Hello, I would like to apply for my National Insurance Number.
2. Ok, are you in the UK at the moment?
3. Perfect. Have you applied before?
No, it is the first time.
4. Ok, so why do you need the National Insurance Number
I am looking for a job and I need the number to work.
5. No problem. What nationality are you?
6. Do you have any other nationalities?
7. How long have you been here? When did you come to the
A fews day ago / Last week / Two weeks ago
8. Ok. So what is your surname please? Your last name?
MOLINA : Em- ou- el- ai- en-ei. LEON: El- i – ou- en
9. Ok. What is your date of birth please?
Decir la fecha de nacimiento. Recuerda, primero el mes y luego el
día. Por ejemplo, I was born on February the 22th of
10.Ok. What is your first name please?
Di tu nombre. Seguramente te hará falta deletrearlo.
11. Ok. And your post code please?
Di tu código postal de UK formado por 5 o 6 caracteres (números
y letras).
12. Ok. And what is your address please?
Di tu número, calle y población del Reino Unido.
13. Thank you. And have you got a contact telephone number
Di tu numero inglés sin el prefijo, es decir: 077844…
14. Thank you. So, are you looking for a job at the moment?
Yes (Aunque no estés buscando trabajo tienes que decir que sí).
15. And do you have any disabilities or health problems?
16. Ok. So I just need to give you a reference number first of
all for your application, so if you will like to write down this
number please?
17. The reference number is: XXX
Ok. (¡¡Apúntalo bien!!)
18. So I am going to look up now to what appointments we
have available, ok? So just one moment please.
19. The nearest place you can have the appointment done is
the job centre in XXX.
Ok. (¡¡Apúntalo bien!!)
20. The next available appointment we have is on the XXX at
Ok. (Apúntalo bien o di si no te viene bien y prefieres otro día.)
21. Do you know where the Job Centre in XXX is? Or would
like the address?
Yes please, tell me the address.
22. The post code is XXX and the address is XXX.
Ok, thank you. (Las direcciones están en Google en caso de que
no lo entiendas bien, pero aún así inténtalo para poder verificarlo)
23. Ok, when you go there you have to bring along with your
passport and a proof of address, and anything that you have
from where we can get your identity.
Ok, no problem.
24. So just to remind you, the appointment will be on the XXX
at XXX in the Job Centre in XXX, is that ok?
Yes, it is ok.
25. Ok perfect. Thank you for your call. Bye.