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Head of Culture & Engagement

Head of Culture & Engagement
Leadership level
Leading others
Job level
Division / department
Organisational Development, People & Culture
Reports to manager job title
Director, Organisational Development
Number of direct reports
Financial accountabilities
Opex and capex budgets
Key relationships
CEO; Group Executive; Director Organisational Development;
Head of Culture; People & Culture team; Enterprise Talent
Council; Directors
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The AMP Promise & Our Strategy to Help
AMP’s vision is to be Australia’s and New Zealand’s favourite financial services company by 2020.
Our company was founded in 1849 on a simple promise - to provide financial security so people could
live with dignity. Our promise is to help people own tomorrow.
Helping people: it’s why we began more than 160 years ago, and why we continue. Helping people
own tomorrow is a powerful purpose. It has the capacity to make us the company that so many people
trust and recommend that we become Australia’s and New Zealand’s favourite financial services
company. That’s what we are aiming for by 2020.
AMP’s Culture – Bringing our Promise to life
Our Promise is help people own tomorrow, and our Practices bring our Promise and customer
experience to life.
AMP’s six simple practices were formed from really listening to our customers, and they define the
way we work together to help our customers. They inform our thinking, actions and decisions; the
design of every offer, process and system; and every customer experience.
Together, the six AMP practices describe how we work at AMP to deliver the experience our
customers want:
Our customers are at the core of AMP’s culture. We believe that what’s best for our customer is what
is best for our business. We have profound empathy for our customers. We deeply understand their
needs, goals, challenges and hopes. We’re obsessed with helping our customers live their best
life, because that’s how we define our own success.
AMP employees understand how their work contributes to the strategy and creates customer value.
Professionalism and integrity are core to the way we work, we collaborate across the business in
service of our customer. We eliminate non-value work that doesen’t align and quickly learn and adapt
to achieve better outcomes.
Description of department/division
The Organisational Development team is a centre of excellence within AMP’s People and Culture
(P&C) function, with the aim of building the organisation of the future – “Create tomorrow’s
organisation today”. Within the AMP context, Organisational Development helps AMP to achieve it’s
purpose - helping people own their tomorrow.
Organisational Development is an evolving and dynamic values-based approach to systems change in
organisations. Organisational Development views the organisation as a complex system of systems
that exist within a larger system, each of these having their own attributes and degrees of alignment.
Organisational Development strives to build the organisation’s capacity to achieve and sustain a new
desired state that increases the well-being and effectiveness of the whole organisation.
To build this future organisation Organisational Development focuses on:
1. Diagnosing the well being of the organisation, particularly in terms of how effectively AMP is
maximising its key strategic people levers of culture, leadership, talent, diversity and capability
to achieve its purpose and enterprise goals
2. Designing, developing, implementing and evaluating systemic interventions that enhance
organisational performance and individual development. OD interventions typically include
holistic methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organisational design, leadership
development, talent management, performance management, coaching and diversity.
Purpose of the role
The Head of Culture & Engagement is responsible for driving thought leadership, strategic direction
and implementation of enterprise wide culture and engagement interventions across the organisation.
Specfically, the focus is designing, developing, implementing and evolving cultural interventions that
shape and shift AMP’s culture to deliver on the busibess strategy and our cultural aspiration.
Main focus areas
Design, develop and implement enterprise wide culture strategies with core and consistent
elements that drive towards delivering on the strategy yet are tailored and impactful for
different areas and audiences across the business.
Take a systemic view of culture transformation that extends beyond the core ‘people’ systems
to ensure cultural changes is embedded across all levers, this includes operating models,
organisational design, governance and decision frameworks, strategic planning, investment
and capital allocations and change & communications frameworks.
Current and future state culture review and assessment, identification of strengths and gaps
and drivers to develop the culture both from an external best practice perspective and within
AMP’s unique context.
Influence, educate and manage key stakeholders including the Board, Sub-Committees, the
Group Executive Team and senior leadership teams across the business.
Develop strategies and initiatives that enable all employees to engage and align to the
strategy and help articulate and develop new ways of working that are required to deliver the
organisations goals.
Develop an approach and strategy to employee engagement which includes the annual
engagement Survey encompassing full implementation, stakeholder plans and management,
communication initiatives, leader/team capability development and ongoing monitoring of
engagement and focused actions in response Engagement experiences and feedback.
Lead and manage a team of senior OD professionals, extended & virtual team members as
well as contractors and independent consultants for the delivery of the culture and
engagement agenda.
Manage both opex and capex budgets in line with expectations and governance requirements.
Build the capability of the Senior HR Community to lead transformational cultural change in
their BU/Function by coaching and facilitating business leaders.
Role specific capabilities and behaviours
Strong OD leadership and vision to create and sustain a culture of accountability, ownership
and delivery within the team.
Exceptional interpersonal and influencing skills with the ability to work confidently across the
depth and breadth of executive and senior leadership for success across the shared people
and culture and business objectives.
The ability to think systemically and to connect strategically complex pieces of work both
current and into the future.
The ability to deal with ambiguity and make positive use of the opportunities it presents;
respond positively to complexity and uncertainty.
Business planning and large scale project management including: developing and managing
the design, development and implementation including management of external vendors and
budget associated with enterprise wide strategic programs.
High level of business acumen. Proven analytical skills coupled with the ability to think laterally
and strategically. The ability to leverage business and human capital data to generate People
& Culture insights with business relevance.
High levels of self awareness and situational awareness with a natural ability to appropriately
adapt their personal and leadership styles. Persuasive and adaptive negotiating skills.
The ability to align business structure and commit resources to enable the execution of
strategy. Stong ability to connect and collaborate across many and varied groups within AMP
where work needs to align to the culture focus areas and the culture aspiration.
Excellent oral and written communication skills - including the ability to write compelling and
concise papers for Group Executive People & Culture and the Board and exceptional
facilitation and presentation skills.
Clear, comprehensive understanding of the link between P&C strategy and business strategy
and in particular employee engagement and how this relates to overall business performance.
Strong innovation and creativity, capability to design, develop, implement and evaluate
solutions to unique business situations
People leadership, the ability to engage, inspire and motivate a team. Create an environment
where teams are actively encouraged to be innovative and proactive and are empowered to
make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions.
Strong conflict resolution and decision making capability in a changing commercial and people
Experience required
Substantial experience in the diagnosing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating
of enterprise-wide strategic culture and engagement strategies, solutions and interventions.
Substantial experience in culture transformation and all the systemic elements that form part
of change across a large, complex enterprises, ideally across a range of industries and
Subject matter expert in culture and engagement.
Successful track record of effectively managing complex internal relationships.
Experience in leading and developing a People & Culture team, preferably within
Organisational Development.
Experience in leading and managing large-scale Organisational Development projects and
Track record of presenting to and influencing executives and board members within a large
Knowledge of the financial services industry will be helpful.
Qualification/s required
Degree, ideally in psychology, learning, behavioural science or related discipline.
Post-graduate qualifications are desirable.