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13 DAQ System

Weatherford´s Testing &
Production Services group is
continuously working to develop
new technologies for enhanced
operations as well as to maintain
a market edge. One such Testing
technology is the fully integrated
acquisition system (DAQ) used
for Well Testing Services.
The DataPro DAQ System
Utilizes PROFIBUS technology
that allows the system to be set
up with a single effective cable
rather than a myriad individually
wired sensor components. Using
Weatherford personnel can easily
components versus conventional
analog (non fieldbus) systems
.The DataPro DAQ can integrate
into PLC-driven equipment on
location on location for control
and functionality. Because of
readily available digital interfaces,
DataPro DAQ Systems can tie
into virtually any sensor, meter or
actuator on the market today.
This is the only one DAQ Systems that achieves Class I, Division I and
Zone 1 rating using a digital platform.
The DataPro DAQ server runs in a Window platform and uses Ethernet
communications. This allows server to access the data both on and off site.
Each having a version of our DataPro DAQ System client software to
communicate their view of the operation. DataPro data management
includes reporting software, data communication and data storage. The
project manager can configure the data to be stored in segments of any
size based on time, depth, or custom criteria. The data is also exported into
ASCII, LAS and XML formats for analysis or transmission.
Some of the features available in
standard configuration are:
Features of the reporting software
Alarm indicators, both warning levels and
danger levels.
Multi-level secure system for transmission
of data via Ethernet
Client software is individually configurable
to allow each user to view data in custom
Windows style allows user to toggle from
different screen setups to eliminate
excessive data on single screen
User can choose from strip chart X-Y
plots, numerical, gauge or bar displays
User defined equations for calculation of
complex properties.
Manual data entry for data required that is
not measured electronically.
WITS interface.
Reports will includes End of Well, incidents,
and Safety and Daily Tower Log reports.
Ability to add operational, general and tower
specific comments to report as a function of
time depth or both
Data can be filtered as desired and frecuncy of
reporting is flexible.
Data can be reported as a max/min/mean
value for each time interval.
Plots (X-Y or Strip chrts)