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Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens

Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens Co.,LTD
Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens Co.,LTD is a China Disposable Facial Mask Paper
Factory and Disposable Facial Mask Paper company, Specializing in the
production and supply of Disposable Facial Mask Paper and other products.
In order to satisfy our customers' needs and meet the demands of an
ever-changing world, we focus our resources on product development thus
ensuring we remain competitive power. As a non woven fabric manufacturer,
we can customize specifiacations like size, color, weight, material, logo
and so on for customers.Every material used to manufacture Hongrun
Non-Woven Fabric non woven kitchen towels has been screened fully and
tested strictly to ensure it is 100% qualified.The main products have wax
strip rolls,hair removal wax strip rolls,HR wet wipes and so on. Free
sample can be provided to the customers. Trustworthy, Heartwarming,
Energetic! is the motto that was born from our efforts to determine what
makes us special. We will continue to keep these words firmly placed in
our hearts.