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Yuyao seasons touring

Size: 15m x 12m / 5.3m
Alu Tube: 120mm x 55mm / 40mm x 40mm
Cover: 850g PVC Fiberglass Mesh. UV. Fireproof
Sideponel: 850g/m² PVC-coated polyester, UV protection firerpoof
We are a wholesale tents manufacturer. Our aim is to provide the market
and the customers with customized solutions. The markets, the
applications, and the customers are different but we has one unique
philosophy to guide the latter to success. For any problems or feedback
from the customers, we will reply patiently and meticulously in time.Our
company has 12,000-sqm factory and employs 200 worker and staff
members.Yuyao Huachen,has determined to provide the broad massed of
customers with quality garden purpose products,and at the same time will
continue to develop brand new products and never forget to improve both
the software,and hardware conditions by investment.