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1. One possible way to lose weight is by not eating a lot before __ to bed.
a. go
b. gone
c. to go
d. going
2. A group of children ____ to represent our school in a national competition.
a. has been chosen
b. have been choose
c. have been chosen
d. has been chose
3. A: Shall we go for a coffee later this afternoon?. B: I am afraid I can´t, I ____ my
supervisor at 17 pm
a. will meet
b. an going to meet
c. am meeting
d. meet
4. A: So, what will you be doing ___ Christmas?. B: I don´t know, I may go to Ireland
for a week.
a. on
b. in
c. at
d. for
5. Although it was obvious, the teacher told his students: “You ___answer all the
questions or you will fall this test”.
a. must
b. could
c. have to
d. needn´t
6. Ana told me this exam was not going to be as ___ the previous one. However, for me
that was the ___ we have done.
a. Difficult /harder
b. Difficult as /harder
c. Difficult as /hardest
d. Difficult /hardest
7. Are you coming to ____ tomorrow?. Please, try to do so!.
a. Patricia´s party
b. the Patricia´s party
c. the party of Patricia
d. patry´s Patricia
8. Don´t you think that ____ coat is _ ?.
a. These /your
b. This /yours
c. These / yours
d. This /your
9. He ____ go this room because the headmaster strictly ordered not to leave our
a. don´t have to
b. mustn´t
c. wouldn´t
d. shouldn´t
10. He … you the answer to the question if he … it, but he doesn’t.
a. will tell/knows
b. would tell/ knew
c. told/ would know d. tells/ will know
11. How ___ when you ____ the King of Spain?
a. did you felt /meet
b. did you feel /meet
c. did you felt /met
d. did you feel /met
12. I don´t think is a good lifestyle. I think you ___ start doing exercise. What about
going to the gym?.
a. could
b. should
c. might
d. would
13. I have _____ things to do now, that´s why I have ___ time to keep in touch with my
a. many /much
b. many /little
c. much /many
d. little /many
14. If you don´t want to fall you exam _____ as hard as you can
a. will study
b. study
c. studied
d. would study
15. People who ____ in Cambridge can also be called Cantabrigian
a. live
b. lives
c. is living
16. Some people say politicians are changing, but in my opinion that ___
a. is happening
b. is not happening
d. are live
d. won´t happen
c. will happen
17. There___almost no Money left in the bank account
a. Insn´t
b. Is
c. Aren´t
d. Are
18. This castle ___ back in the XV century, although the exact date is not known
a. was built
b. was build
c. builds
d. was building
19. You can´t smoke in this building. It was ___ a couple of years ago
a. forbid
b. forbids
c. forbidden
d. forbade
20. ____ last month we went to the Canary Islands. What ___ amazing days we had!.
a. The /the
b. The /an
c. - /an
d. -/-