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Ningbo SANITY Lighting Electric Co.,Ltd

Over the years,Sanity is dedicated to designing and manufacturing led Tri proof lights and
developing new solutions for the trend of LED application,mainly focuses on ceiling and
suspending tri-proof lamps (IP65).Contemporarily,our target market is Europe and Asia.and we
are willing to cooperation together with other countries and regions.
We believe the future will be lightening up by our effort, strategy,creativity and our customers'
trust and support.Sanity was founded in 1994 with over 23 years experience in lighting industry.It
is China led vapor tight Manufacturers and ip65 industrial lighting suppliers, The factory site
covers 19,980 square meters,and the operational area totals to 12,800 square meters.
SNT-RX Emergency Light
IP20 EMERGENCY EXIT with LiFePO4 battery
SNT-S7K Vapor Tight fixture
IP65 Stainless steel fixture
SNT-BH8 LED Bulkheads
IP54 Functions: STD/CCT3/EM/MS/EM+MS