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2.No, She isnt doing well at school
3.She is feeling too sad.
4. can´t concéntrate, feel too sad,cante at, cant sleep, horrible feeling in stomach.
5. She can forget about the problema is affecting now.
2. email
Dear Cristal
I Know your situation is difficult, but you need to talk about your feelings with your parents or
someone you trust, you must meditate or pray for your family. Forget a momento that situation,
and spend time with people who have a positive attitude, maybe they can help you too, do
exercise and do something you enjoy, for example; go to cinema or the Zoo. About your exams
you need to organize time effectively to get a great calification.
1. I keep my place clean and tidy.
2. washing my dishes. Hang out the washed clothes.
3. Feeding the dog
4.when they need something to eat.
5. yes, i help my elderly
2.1. because they dont have families or the families do not keep in touch with them.
2.2 is a hous for the elderly people
2.3. small children from kindergarten come to play with them for a few hours a day
2.4. because the cannot pay high rent so instead they volunter to help elderly people
3.1. Im living with my mother´s parents, but i cannot visit my father´s parents because the
3.2. is a nice way to take care the elderly
3.3 with their families