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HumanOS SmartGateway FanucOPC-UA en

OPC-UA Server for FANUC Controls
Smart Industrial Machines empowered by HumanOS™
The easy and safe way to
digitize all your machines
and production processes.
With HumanOS™ SmartGateway
you can integrate new and existing
installations cost-effectively into
your IT system.
Are You Ready for the Digitalization
of the Future?
As part of the HumanOS™ project we offer a comprehensive OPC UA server for FANUC controllers.
This intelligent gateway allows you to connect your machines and robots with MES, ERP, cloud
applications and remote maintenance services.
In addition to the usual data access, the
HumanOS™ SmartGateway also offers Alarm
& Conditions (A&C), Commands, and History
Data Access. This enables a good horizontal
and vertical integration of your systems into
the world of SmartFactory.
OPC-UA Server
HumanOS™ paves the way to modern technologies and future-oriented business models,
such as smart manufacturing, predictive
maintenance and other applications in the
context of industry 4.0.
(Security, Node Management, ...)
i-Series: 0i, 15i, 16i, 18i, 21i, 30i, 31i, 32i, 35i
15, 16, 18, 21er
Power Mate i-D, i-H, Motion-i
HumanOS™ SmartGateway also supports older FANUC Controls
With our FANUC Driver plug-in, you get a high-performance interface. It is equipped with
efficient and intelligent memory caching as well as flexible multitasking. This allows you to
process large amounts of data that are generated in all NC and PMC channels on the controller.
HumanOS™ SmartGateway can be easily adapted to your needs and requirements:
Integration into your IT environment
Digitization of new and old FANUC machines
Development of customer-specific plug-in modules for other actuators, sensors and
FANUCB Steuerungen
& R, ...)
HumanOS™ SmartGateway comes with a fully developed OPC UA server and FANUC Control
Driver plug-in. The result is a high-performance access to data from the FANUC control via HSSB
or Ethernet.
Dynamic Node Management
Security (Windows User, Certificates)
Data Access (read, write and monitoring)
History Data Access
Alarm and Events
Event History
Command Interface
Program Access
Connection via HSSB/Ethernet incl. auto reconnection
Auto Configuration Detection (Channels, axes, memory)
High-performance Memory Cache
NC Multipath Support (up to 10 channels)
PMC Multipath Support (up to 3 channels + Dual Check Safety)
Supports 0i-D/F, 30i, 31i, 32i and 35i
Supports 15/15i, 16/16i, 18/18i, 21/21i and 0i-A/B/C
Supports Power Mate i-D, i-H, Motion-i
Number of Data Access Objects (read, write, monitoring)
Commands (e.g. reset, clear alarms, …)
Program Management
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We are committed to human-centered and sustainable system design. In this context, human
beings, their natural, technological and socio-cultural environments are considered an integral
part of the design of new systems.
Our developments and products are based on this paradigm. More specifically, we are looking
for partners for the further development of the human operating system HumanOS™.
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Benjamin Hadorn, Ph.D. Business Owner CyberTech Engineering
HumanOS™ is an adaptive and teachable
software kernel. It is an enabler for profound
human-machine collaboration and a corner
stone for future human-machine symbiosis.
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