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Korean Pitch Day

September 8, 2020
Adv. Galit Bash
REF: Pitch Day of South Korean Startups
Dear Adv. Galit Bash,
Thanks for your kind invitation to evaluate the Korean Startups in the Pitch-Day of September
1st, 2020.
I had the pleasure to listen to three fascinating firms:
• DAMI presented an algorithm for small fashion designers. The product can disrupt the
industry of boutique designers, by reducing its cost to market with an easy and
accessible mobile App.
The pitch was very well organized but should be presented with more passion.
• Medi N Research spoke about Just Skin and weight-loss injections based on local
ingredient that can be easily found in Korea. It can be a success thanks to the known
Korean excellency in the beauty industry.
• Miracle Korea is a more mature firm with a new revolutionary concept in pesticide
delivery platform. The new system can be interesting for large fertilizers and pesticide
manufacturers, that are seeking to deliver better and more accurate doses, with less
negative environmental impact. I offered to assist in presenting the System to Latin
American countries.
GVI – Gold Ventures Investment’s unique National Innovation Ecosystem vision consists in
converging five players, that together with GVI is forming a superpower: Government (Federal,
State or Municipal), Academy, Industry, Capital and Entrepreneurs.
GVI’s accelerator will train and encourage the entrepreneurs to go from challenge to PoC
within 90 days, with our guidance.
As part of GVI’s’ services, we will expose, connect and promote the startups to our Global
Community, in a set of events: Hackathons, Demo-Days and Investors Pitches.
Sincerely yours,
Gabriel Hayon,
Innovation Ambassador - GVI
Chairman, Diplomatic Institute
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