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1. What is magnetizing intensity? What is magnetic flux intensity? How are they related?
Magnetizing intensity is a measure of the effort that a current is putting into establish a
magnetic field, the magnetic flux intensity is the response of a material to said current and is
related to magnetizing intensity by the equation: B=uH, where u is the permeability of the
2. How does the magnetic circuit concept aid in the design of transformer and machine cores?
It aids by simplifying a rather complex phenomena in terms of an already well-known model
of electric circuits.
3. What is reluctance?
It’s the counterpart of resistance in an electric circuit, it determines the capacity of a
magnetomotive force to form a magnetic flux in a given material.
4. What is a ferromagnetic material? Why is the permeability of ferromagnetic materials so
It’s a material that has the capacity of allowing large magnetic flux in comparison to vacuum
due to groups of atoms called domains which align themselves with ease at the presence of
an external magnetic field.
5. How does the relative permeability of a ferromagnetic material vary with magnetomotive
At first it follows a linear relation but at some point, decreases rapidly as if there was no
ferromagnetic material at all, in this state the material is said to be saturated.
6. What is hysteresis?
It’s the property of ferromagnetic materials to have a kind of memory of previous states
resulting in different behavior of the flux they allow when the magnetomotive force is
7. What are eddy current losses?
They are energy losses produced by the currents created from the voltages induced in the
material as a result of the changing magnetic flux according to Faraday’s law.
8. Why are all cores exposed to ac flux variations laminated?
Because adding an insulating material between laminations reduces the conductive path for
eddy currents causing a drop in energy losses.