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3. Advanced-Printing-Features-in-Slide-6

Advanced Printing Features in Slide 6.0
Adding your Company Logo to Printouts
Among numerous new features added to Slide 6 there were many improvements done to printing that give
users better control over their print outs. It is very easy to adjust output position and size by panning and
zooming in the print preview window. Users can also save each printing layout as a preset so that the output
can be reproduced next time. Additionally, customizable header and footer blocks with company logo or
other information can be added to print outs. This article describes how to do a simple customization of the
default footer – adding your own company logo.
One commonly asked question by our customers is how do I add my company logo to the output? In Slide 6
we have added the ability to place a customizable header and footer on the printed page. The default footer
is similar to ones used in drafting and has the Rocscience logo and some key information like project title, file
name, company, date, etc. See Figure 1. Let’s look at how we can replace the Rocscience logo with your own
custom logo.
Figure 1
In Slide Modeler or Interpret module select File -> Page Setup from the menu. Click on the Footer tab to
bring up preview and editing options for title block designs. See Figure 2.
Figure 2
If you click on the Customize Designs>> button you will see more editing options. Click on the Copy… button
to create a working copy of the default design. Default designs cannot be edited directly so we always need to
create a copy first. Once you click on the Copy button you will be asked to pick a folder for storing custom title
block designs – it can be any folder on your machine or network drive. Next you will be asked to provide a
name for this new design – let’s call it “My footer” and click OK. Now you have created an editable copy of the
default Rocscience footer, so let’s edit it.
Click on the Edit… button to bring up another window with all the editing options for the current title block.
All the features are organized into tabs and a preview is shown at the top. Since we are only interested in
changing the logo, let’s go right to it and click on the Images tab. You should see in the preview window that
each cell is numbered and the numbers are shown in blue. See Figure 3.
Figure 3
Click on cell number 1 (with Rocscience logo) to highlight it, and then click on the Set… button. You should
now see a window with image options and Rocscience logo selected. See Figure 4.
Figure 4
For the purpose of this example let’s replace the Rocscience logo with a logo of a fictitious company ACME
Consulting Engineers (you can download it here). Click on the Add… button and choose the image file you have
downloaded, or pick a JPG, GIF or BMP image file on your computer. Click OK to confirm the new image
selection. Click OK once more to finalize this title block design. You should now see your logo in the little
preview window in Page Setup (Figure 5).
Figure 5
Click OK button or X at the top-right to exit Page Setup. Click on the Print Preview toolbar button to check
how our print out will look like. See Figure 6.
Figure 6
From now on, every time you start Slide Modeler or Interpret your custom footer will always be the default
choice when printing. You can also export this design as a zip file to distribute amongst other Slide users in
your company if necessary. The Export… and Import… buttons are located beside the Customize Designs
button in the Page Setup window (see Figure 5).
It is worth mentioning that this ability to insert and customize header and footer blocks also exists in our
other software packages such as Swedge 5, Phase2 7, Settle3D, and free Examine2D. The title block designs
between these programs and Slide are easily interchangeable as well. Give it a try.