Setting up Pajek on OS X
Intel Mac ONLY!
Running Pajek on OS X is just a matter of minutes if you were using a new mac built on Intel base.
All you need is a working instance of Darwine – Mac flavoured Wine. You can get it from the official
source at - but this way you will still need to compile the freetype
fonts and dig into the command line. The other option is to download the pre-packaged version from - to install it just drag and drop it to the Applications folder. No
configuration is needed, just download Pajek ( and
double click the pajek.exe – a set of windows should appear:
just click yourself through the “yes | yes | OK” sequence, to get to the installation window and click “Start”
And now for the tricky part – where to install it? Well basically there are a few options – one is the
default c:/
but this one is stored inside a hidden .wine folder in your home. In case you go with this option, you
can make a simlink by entering next command into Terminal:
$ ln - s . wine/drive_c/pajek/Pajek/PAJEK.EXE pajek.exe
– and then move the link/alias from your home to where ever you would like to – e.g. In your
Applications folder.
The other option is to pick another installation folder – but it is best to pick one, where you have write
permissions and which is visible from finder – e.g. Applications folder or your Home folder.
Picture on the left shows result of the first method and picture on the right depicts result of the second
method – and either way you should get a running instance of Pajek on OS X.