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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki
1) Clearing Process
If you have seen the Angelic Reiki website (
you may have realized that the teachings and practices are based on The
Ancient Wisdom. In the ancient times, "students" had to commit to a time of
preparation before receiving initiation. Today, with the fast pace with which
everything is moving, it is not appropriate to do as Pythagoras for example did . .
. asking his students to be in silence for three years before entering his school.
We therefore just ask you to hold in your consciousness the sacredness of the
work we are to do. This includes embracing all personal changes and clearings
that will present themselves to you in the time running up to the workshop.
People do experience, to varying degrees of intensity, physical, emotional and
spiritual clearings. If any of these clearings present a problem to you, please
contact me and I will do whatever I can to support you and give you an insight
into the process. Because of the cleansing purity of the energy that is now
contacted in Angelic Reiki, we have been shown by past experience that it is
important that our participants advise us if they are at the present, or in the
recent past, taking any prescribed psychotropic medication (for example
antidepressants) or have had problems with alcohol or drugs (please be assured
this is not in judgement).
We give no specific advice as to diet or lifestyle leading up to the workshop, but
just ask you to be open to your own guidance and embrace whatever feels right
for you.
Please reply to this e-mail in order to let me know that you appreciate and
embrace what we have been guided to pass out to all our students.
The following may also be helpful if you wish but is not compulsory,particularly a
week or two before the workshop:
• Reduce your intake of stimulants such as tea and coffee.
• Eat a healthier diet free from red meat and eat organic produce if available.
• Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.
• Allow yourself quality time, walk in nature, take gentle exercise, listen to music
or read a good book.
• Receive an Angelic Reiki healing treatment to prepare yourself on all levels.
• You may feel guided to clear out old unwanted energies within your home and
environment such as clearing out your wardrobe, cupboards, workspace,
etc as preparation for the new energies coming in.
2) Affirmations
Please read the attached Affirmations ALOUD on three separate occasions
before you come for the course. You might find it easier to do before bed, so that
any energetic work takes place during the hours of sleep.
3) Master Crystals
I will give you a crystal to use as your Angelic Reiki Master Crystal. You may take
this away with you once it has been attuned during the second day. However, if
there is one you feel drawn to yourself please do feel free to bring your own. If
you do bring a crystal, please ensure it has been cleansed. (That said if you
forget I have a very quick way to cleanse it so don't worry too much). You can
use clear quartz, rose or smokey quartz single pointed crystals as your Master
Crystal. I have also known Angel Quartz and Starseed Lemurian Crystals to be
used. It is stipulated that the Master Crystals need to be a single quartz point
about 2 cm across the base and 3cm tall. It does not matter how large this crystal
is as long as it can be held comfortably.
4) Course times (please note Day Two extension)
Day 1: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm (no need to arrive before 9.15 am)
Day 2: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm (approx finish times. Smaller groups usually finish
This is a two and a half day workshop but like myself some teachers run them
over two longer days to make it easier for those having to travel and their work
commitments. Please note we are progressing at such a rapid rate since the
2012 winter solstice and I have found that we are sailing through this energy
work much quicker. I have experienced this myself through facilitating these
workshops and also by attending other workshops. The final day would always
finish around 6.30pm/7.00pm. This is because, in addition to the cleansings and
attunements, there is a wonderful presentation to and blessings by 30
Archangels on Sunday evening. You can bring along any crystals, pendulums
and cards you may have on day 2 if you wish them to receive the blessing and
angelic energies too. Everyone in the room will get blessed.
5) Location
96 Shirley Gardens, Barking, IG11 9XA
If you are coming from Barking Station directions are below:
When you come out the station, turn left if you want to walk and stay on
Longbridge Rd, you'll walk past Barking Park on your left and my turning will be a
bit further down on the opposite side to park. (About 10 -15 mins walk)
Alternatively you can get a number 5 or 387 bus directly outside Barking Station.
When the bus comes to the park on your left, get off at the next stop (about half
way along park). Carry on in the same direction but cross to the other side of
Longbridge Rd and you will see Shirley Gardens (there is a large, bricked arch
over a gate, on the corner of that road). When you walk down Shirley Gardens I
am over the crossroads and half way down on the right. The buses are very
frequent. About every 4 minutes.
Upney Station is a slightly easier/quicker walk, approx 10 minutes. It's the stop
after Barking on the District Line. Turn left outside the station and walk down
Upney Lane. Stay on the station side of the road, go past Barking Hospital, past
the doctor's surgeory, turn left into Salisbury Avenue, 2nd right into Shirley
Gardens, and I am half way down on the left. (Bright blue car in the drive)
Parking - you can park outside my drive if someone hasn't beaten you to it. (My
car won't be going anywhere), there is also parking in my road and the
surrounding roads.
6) Food
Please bring lunch with you and some snacks to keep you going.
7) Your comfort
Please wear comfortable clothes.
If you have any questions, please do let me know. Also please remember to
confirm by reply of e-mail that you have read this message, particularly part 1 Clearing Process. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.
Sending love, light and Angelic blessings
Maxine xxxx
[email protected]
07956 500041