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Welcome to the news. Yesterday at exactly 10 am a mudslide occurred in Chosica.
We have already had others mudslide, but this mudslide is different. The river flow
was very large and flooded many neighborhoods. Many houses that are made of
brick or adobe have already been flooded and other houses have been destroyed
since yesterday. The people who have lost their homes are waiting for some helps
from us, We are all peruvians and we have to help each other. People of Chosica
have lost everything and people have been living on the grass outside of chosica
since yesterday. The Peruvian government is making donations to the affected
people. Many people have donated since this morning and we have to continue
helping the people of Chosica, please Call this number 115 for a donation, for
example clothes, food, etc. Chosica people will be very grateful. Thank you.