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ROLE PLAY (1) (1)

Teacher: Doris Chuquimarca
 Avilés Deysi
 Ramos Erick
 Sacho Anita
 Ulloa Mauricio
 Yuqui Liliana
JULY 28, 2020
Carlos and his greatest dream
5 Characters:
Avilés Deysi: Narrator
Ulloa Mauricio: Carlos (Orphaned child)
Yuqui Liliana: José (Carlos' best friend)
Ramos Erick: Don Grimaldo (Marisela's husband)
Sacho Anita: Marisela (Orphanage caretaker)
Act I
(Carlos sitting in a chair near the window)
Deysi-Narrator: On the first day of September, Carlos was looking out the window of
the "Casa de Luz" orphanage. He was very sad and distressed because that place was
empty and Carlos felt alone, because all he wanted was to have a family to play and share
(Carlos sitting near the window looking at the horizon)
Maury :Oh (in a whisper): If I could have a home, with a brave dad and a beautiful mom
who would take care of me, protect me and pamper me every day, as if I were the ray of
sunshine that illuminates her life.
(Carlos turns and looks sadly at Marisela, his caregiver)
Deysi-Narrator: After Carlos mentioned those touching words, the clock struck four
hours. Marisela makes the decision to approach the little boy, then immediately asks him
in a soft voice.
(Marisela approaches Carlos and places her hand on his shoulder.)
Anita: What's wrong with you, Carlos? Why are you so sad?
(Maury mira con tristeza e indiferencia a Marisela)
Maury: Nothing happens, Miss Marisela.
(Maury inmediatamente inclina su cabeza hacia abajo y sus ojos se ponen llorosos)
Anita: Maury , if I didn't know you so well, I'd believe you, but I don't. I received you in
my arms when you were a baby, you are the son of my heart.
(maury mira fijamente a Marisela)
Maury : The truth is that I feel very sad. I have never felt as happy as other children my
age. So many years have passed and nobody adopts me, I still don't know what it is to
have a home. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner.
(maury breaks down in tears)
Deysi-Narrator: Suddenly Marisela's husband managed to hear Carlos' words and
looking at him with intrigue he says:
Erick: Maury , but what did you just say? Pay attention to the advice that I am going to
give you: Sometimes it is advisable to take time to look at what is behind each
circumstance, and thus observe with great care and detail everything beautiful that exists
around us and that many times we do not value and do not we realize
Act II
(maury places his face in a thoughtful gesture)
Deysi-Narrator: After hearing such a statement, Maury began to investigate the deep
meaning of the words expressed by Don Grimaldo, and asked himself...
Carlitos: What should I see that I am not observing? What should I value that I am not
(maury looking at a fixed point remembers everything he has lived through in the
Deysi-Narrator: Maury meditated for a few minutes and understood those words emitted
by Marisela's wise husband, and with a different attitude he expressed the following:
Maury : But, how could I not see it! How could I not have realized it! This is my home,
the people here are my family. The beautiful young lady Marisela with her care, the soccer
games with my best friend José who is like my brother, the sayings of Marisela's grumpy
grandfather, and the sweet daily sharing with all the other companions who live here, who
in one way or another I have been given a helping hand when I have needed it most
(José runs to where Carlos is)
Liliana-José: Carlitos come to play soccer with us you are a child and you have to enjoy
it do not think about those things.
An excellent family will come for you.
(maury is thinking for a while)
Maury : Eh yes, sure come on!
Deysi-Narrator: Carlos rushed to the central courtyard, while a phrase that he would
never forget runs through his mind.
Maury : All I want I can achieve, but all I have to do is live, value, appreciate, and never
stop dreaming. I feel happy.
-A continuation we will explain what was learned through this exercise:
With this exercise it was possible to remember and practice grammar.
In order to write the presented dialogue, the present simple is used as grammar to detail
the situations that occur at that time between Carlos and Anita (his caretaker). In addition,
the sentences in continuous past served to describe each of the scenes by the narrator, she
describes the actions that were successful at a specific moment in the past. To express the
child's greatest desire, it was appropriate to use the grammar "desire" to talk about
situations in the present expressing hope that something will happen.
With the realization of this dialogue we also managed to improve our vocabulary because
there were unknown words for us and therefore led us to consult them to learn their
writing and in the same way their correct way of pronouncing it and through this get to
improve our vocabulary