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2G 600 BG – 600ekW Biogas
CHP Cogeneration Module
Lean Combustion Technology
Reliable, rugged and highly durable factory-designed,
production line assembled, professionally packaged, and postproduction tested 2G® Biogas Cogeneration Module,
supplied in an “all-in-one” package that is “connection-ready”.
Manufactured at 2G® ISO compliant production facilities in
Germany, and especially made for the U.S. biogas market.
This CHP (Combined Heat & Power) cogeneration equipment
is a fully integrated power generation system, with state-ofthe-art technology that results in optimum performance and
efficiency. The 2G® CHP module integrates all cogeneration
components into one unique package that converts energy
more efficiently than conventional CHP systems.
The robust design utilizes full authority electronic engine
management, incl. CHP performance monitoring that provides
prolonged life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. Items
such as, engine & system controls, synchronizing and
paralleling switchgear, heat recovery (both for engine jacket
water and exhaust), the entire thermal heat technology
system, pumps, piping, plumbing, etc., are all included “within
the module” dramatically reducing the risk of cost overruns
and performance issues associated with conventional “site
built” systems.
The 2G® CHP module allows for optimized efficiency by
maximizing heat recovery and applying a more efficient
combustion technology, leading to a higher electrical
Open Inside Installation
Compact & Small Foot-Print
Thermal Heat Distribution
Heat Recovery Included
2G® CHP Module
Biogas Optimized Package
Prime Mover
Core Engine Type
Arrangement / Cylinders
Displacement / BHP
Compression Ratio
Frequency / Phase
Electrical Output
Thermal Output
Combined Output
Thermal Heat BTU
Ø Water Flow HT
Hot Water Flow LT
Water Temperature
Electrical Efficiency
Thermal Efficiency
Total Efficiency
Consumption Mbtu/h
Heat Value 5kWh/m³
Consumption cf/m
Cons. BTU / ekW
Exhaust Gas Mass (Wet)
Exhaust Gas Volume
(*Other Voltages are available).
TCG 2016
2G Biogas Optimized
V 12
26.3 L / 831 BHP
1800 RPM
60 Hz / 3-Phase
480 V
600 ekW continuous
699 kW continuous
1,299 kW continuous
2,385,086 (usable)
12,360 gph / 46,787 L/h
9,720 gph / 36,794 L/h
90°C / 194°F
41.30 %
45.28 %
86.58 %
4,951 MBtu/h
483 Btu/ft³/h
170.84 ft³/m
3312 kg / 7,286 lbs
2,815 m³/h / 99,411 ft³/h
2G 600 BG – 600ekW Biogas
CHP Cogeneration Module
Lean Combustion Technology
 Biogas CHP Cogeneration Package
 Gas Blower / Compressor with Inlet to Gas Train
 Exhaust Heat Recovery Section / Heat Exchanger
 Exhaust Exit (from Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger)
 JW Heat Exchanger coupled with Thermal Distr. Assembly
 Thermal Heat Management & Distribution and Pump Assembly
 Silencer / Muffler / Exhaust Stack
 Cooling System (Mixture & Dump Cooler)
 Space Ventilation / Air In-and Outlet
 CHP Control & Switchgear, next to the Lube Oil Storage Room
This CHP Module is designed “plug-and-play” reducing the
time and effort required to integrate system components.
The universal connection standards greatly simplify
installation, operation, and maintenance.
Optional the CHP Cogeneration Package is available as “AllIn-One” and “Connection-Ready” Sound Attenuated
Container Module.
Specially designed 2G® Sound Attenuated, weatherproof walk-in
Power Module with Air Intake, Discharge Outlets, and Connection
Fittings for Air Flow Funnels, Louvers, Exhaust Stack, Radiator
Cooling System, lockable Access & Service Doors, Stainless
Steel Hardware and Hinges, Sound-reducing Encapsulation, and
extra large Floor Space for easy Service & Maintenance Access.
● High Efficiency Biogas Engine (Lean Burn Technology)
● Advanced and Optimized Exhaust Gas Turbocharger
● Electrical Jacket Water Heater System
● Extra Large Oil Capacity Sump with Oil Refill Automatic
● Pressure Lubrication System with Gear Pump
● Advanced CHP Type Air Cleaner System
● Gas Train & Biogas Fuel System compliant with NFPA 37,
tested and approved to UL, CSA, EU, and DIN Standards
● Biogas Blower, explosion-proof tested and ATEX certified
● Advanced High Efficiency Two-Stage Fuel Mixer
● Proprietary Air/Fuel Ratio Controller
● Digital Microprocessor Controlled Electronic Ignition
● Vibration Detection & Detonation Protection
● Complete Heat Recovery System , Factory pre-packaged
● Self-Cleaning Jacket Water Plate Heat Exchanger
● High Efficiency Stainless Steel Exhaust Heat Exchanger
● Exhaust System incl. Silencer and Exhaust Stack
● Thermal Heat Distribution System fully integrated
● Advanced Cooling System, Mixture / Two-Phase InterCooler & Dry Radiator / Re-Circulation System (beltless)
● General Digital Control System with Protection Devices
● Heat Value Fluctuation Detection Technology
● Utility Grade Switchgear , CSA, UL, NEMA, IEEE Standards
● Grid Interconnection Relays per CSA/UL & IEEE 1547
● Electronically operated Circuit Breaker
● Optimized High Efficiency Synchronous Generator
● Electrical Load Share Governor System
● 24V Electrical Starter, Battery Rack & Cables
● Integrated High Performance Battery Charger
● Central Wiring Harness incl. Sensors
● Torsion-resistant Design with Solid Frame Structure
● Heavy Duty Oscillation Decoupling Devices
● Maintenance-free Vibration Isolators w. Height Adjustment
● Biogas Micro Filtration System
● Fluidistor Gas Flowmeter & Gas Vacuum Sensor
● Gas Pressure, Gas Temperature, and Ambient Air
Temperature Sensors
● Double Magnet Valve & Zero Pressure Regulator
● By-Directional Deflagration Flame Arrestor, ATEX Cert.
● Set of Pressurization & Expansion Vessels & Valves
● Three Way Valve & Electrothermic Actuator
● Set of GRUNDFOS VersaFlo© self-lubricated Main
Hot Water Circulation Pumps and Sensors
● Thermal Distribution Assembly (up to 4 Circuits)
● Water Circulation Dirt Collection Unit
● Remote Monitoring & Control
2G 600 BG – 600ekW Biogas
CHP Cogeneration Module
Lean Combustion Technology
AWARD 2007, 2008, 2009
< 2.5 g/BHP-h*
< 1.1 g/BHP-h*
< 0.07 g/BHP-h*
< 0.2 g/BHP-h*
< 0.6 g/BHP-h*
In Compliance with the
(* < less than / without After Treatment. For lower Values an Oxi-Cat can be
installed (optional). For CARB and South California AQMD, Emissions can
be drastically reduced with 2G®’s SCR Exhaust Gas Treatment Module).
2G® Engines & CHP Systems comply with EPA Rules & Regulations and
are carrying the Manufacturers EPA Emissions Certificate.
2G ® is compliant to the applicable Federal Code:
EPA – Subpart JJJJ of Part 60 (Digester Gas, Biogas, LFG, Natural Gas)
lean burn & rich burn Gas Engine (IC Internal Combustion) - 73 FR 3591,
Jan. 18, 2008.
Electrical Output based on ISO Standard and Conditions according to ISO
3046/1-1995 and to VDE 0530 with respective Tolerance. Technical Data is
based on a Gas Quality 60% CH4 and Carbon Dioxide CO2 <45% and a
Heat Value of >5 kWh/Nm³. For Conditions or Fuels other than Standard,
consult 2G-CENERGY.
 Biogas CHP Package
 CHP Control & Switchgear
 Thermal Distribution Assembly
 Fresh & Used Oil Tanks
 Gas Blower / Compressor
 Gas Cooler / Dryer (Optional)
All Data according to full Load and Subject to Technical Development,
Modification and Change. Exhaust Gas Emissions correspond to Dry
Exhaust Gas and 5% residual Oxygen O2. Lean Burn Technology provides
Exhaust Emissions well below EPA Federal Guidelines & Regulations.
Additional Emissions Treatment and Reduction Technologies (Oxi-Cat,
SCR, De-Nox, etc.) are available as an Option if required.
 Cooling System
 Air In-and Out Ventilation
 Heat Exchanger
 Exhaust System
 Multiple Access Doors
 H2S Filter (Optional)
2G® Container Modules are especially developed and designed.
We don’t utilize Standard Shipping Containers, or modify
existing ISO Transport Containers. For many Reasons those
ordinary Shipping Containers have shown NOT TO BE
SUITABLE for CHP Cogeneration Plants. All 2G® containerized
Packages are specifically developed, designed, and
professionally manufactured for the Purpose of CHP
Cogeneration. The extended Width and Height of 118” has
proven to be an ideal Size for easy Inside Movement, and
comfortable Service & Maintenance Access. This leads
automatically to reduced Maintenance Cost, because any Type
of Work can be performed much faster.
Continuous Output available without varying Load for an unlimited Time,
and 10% Overload, in Accordance with ISO8528, ISO3046/1, AS2789,
DIN6271, and BS5514. All Ratings are based on SAE J1349 Standard
Tolerances: Electrical Output ISO 3046/1, Fuel Consumption +/- 5%,
Thermal Output +/- 8%. Typical Heat Data is shown, however no
Guarantee is expressed or implied. Data will vary due to Variations in Site
and Ambient Conditions.
All electrical Systems comply with DIN, VDE, CE, and CSA Certifications,
and NEMA / UL compliant Designs / Configurations. The Generator is
compliant with International Standards & Regulations IEC 60034, NEMA
MG 1.22, ISO 8528/3, CSA, UL 1446, UL 1004B, DIN 6280-3, VDE 0530,
ÖVE-M 10, ISO 8528-3, BS 5000, IEC 34, designed and manufactured in an
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environment.
Gas Treatment might be necessary (depending on the actual Gas Quality).
Applicable Gas Types: Weak Gases, e.g. Biogas, Landfill Gas, Sewage
Gas, Coal Mine Gas. Other Special Gases upon Request (Wood Gas,
Syngas, Coke Gas, Pyrolysis Gas).
The Manufacturer reserves the Right to change or modify technical
Details without prior Notice.
2G - CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.
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Tel.: +1-904-579-3217 and 579-3057, Fax: +1-904-406-8727
E-Mail: [email protected]
Date: 09/2010