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tp 4th

A. Complete with the correct verbal tense.
Susan _________________________________ (meet) Tom tomorrow at 7.
If I don’t revise for my English test, I_____________________ (not/ get) good marks.
The criminals have a plan to steal the money. They __________________________ (break)
into the bank tonight.
My friends __________________________________ (just/ arrive) from their trip to Europe.
Stuart_____________________________ (talk) on the phone with his mom when Sheila
_________________ (get) home.
_________________ Steve __________________ (ever/ fly) by plane?
If I ____________________ (be) you, I would practice for the oral exam.
My mom _______________________ (finish) cooking dinner yet.
When Tom arrived at the party he realized that he _________________________ (leave) the
present on the kitchen table.
2. She avoided ______________ (tell) him about her plans.
3. I would like ______________ (come) to the party with you.
4. He enjoys ______________ (have) a bath in the evening.
5. She kept ______________ (talk) during the film.
7. Do you mind ______________ (give) me a hand?
8. She helped me ______________ (carry) my suitcases.
9. I’ve finished ______________ (cook). Come and eat!
10. He decided ______________ (study) Biology.
11. I dislike ______________ (wait).
13. I promise ______________ (help) you tomorrow.
15. She agreed ______________ (bring) the pudding.
16. I don’t recommend ______________ (take) the bus, it takes forever!
17. We hope ______________ (visit) Amsterdam next month.
18. She suggested ______________ (go) to the museum.
20. I don’t want ______________ (leave) yet.
B. Make questions
John is writing a letter.
Peter has lived in Rincón for 15 years.
She walks home from school.
My parents have changed the care three times this year.
The children are sitting in the garden.
The students were having lunch last Wednesday at 1 pm.
Peter runs with his dog twice a week.
They go to work by bus.
David likes cats because they are nice.
We are going to the cinema.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Steve has read 3 books this month.
Marion went to the dentist yesterday.
C. Re- write the sentences using the Word given. DO NOT change the meaning.
The car was too expensive for me to buy. ENOUGH
The car was ____________________________________________ for me to buy.
I'm not as good at maths as Joseph. BETTER
Joseph ________________________________________ me.
The exam wasn't as easy as I'd expected. MORE
The exam was ________________________________________ I'd expected.
This van isn't safe enough to drive. DANGEROUS
This van ________________________________________ drive.
Joe said that he had never been to Rome. BEEN
Joe said, "I ____________________________________ to Rome”.
This exercise is easier than the last one. HARD
This exercise is ________________________________________ the last one.
It's a long time since we have been to the theatre.
We _________________________________________ to the theatre for a long time.
This hotel is the best of the three. OTHER
This hotel is ________________________________________ two.
Nick joined a golf club a year ago. HAS
Nick ____________________________________a member of a golf club for a year.
The air fare to Paris is cheaper than to London. AS
The air fare to Paris ________________________________________
to London.
The students complained the classroom was too cold. WARM
The students complained ____________________________________enough.
This will be my first visit to Brazil. HAVE
I ____________________________________to Brazil before.