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Mohammed Abdul Mohsin
Mobile: +974-74406532.
Email: [email protected]
CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector, TWI.
Seeking a growth oriented challenging position in the field of Welding Inspection, having 7+
years of experience, wherein I can apply my analytical and technical expertise besides being an
asset to the organization.
Professional qualification
 Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, 2008, JNTU, Hyderabad, A.P, India.
 CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector, TWI.
Additional diplomas and trainings
 ASNT NDT Level –II (UT, RT, MPT and DPT).
 Certification Course in TIG Welding (SS, Al, and Cu) from Advanced Training Institute.
 Diploma in Process Piping Design & Engineering per ASME B 31.3 from Institute of
Piping engineering and building services (IPEBS).
 Certification Course in Plant Design Management System (PDMS) from Institute of
Piping engineering and building services (IPEBS).
 Certification Course in AUTOCAD from AUTODESK.
Professional Experience:
Company: - Consolidated Contractor Company (CCC), State Of Qatar.
Designation: - QC Welding & Piping Inspector.
(Jun 2013 – Till Date).
Projects Handled In CCC:
Client: Qatar Gas.
Raslaffan Industrial City, State of Qatar.
Client: Qatar Gas.
Raslaffan Industrial City, State of Qatar.
Company: - Consulting Engineering Group (CEG), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Designation: - QC Welding Inspector (Nov 2009 – Aug 2012).
Client: saline water conservation corporation (SWCC)
Company: - Gamma Quality Inspections, Hyderabad, India.
Designation: - QC Inspector (Apr 2008 – July 2009).
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Knowledge on International Codes & standards
ASME section B 31.1, for power piping.
ASME section B 31.3, for process piping.
AWS D1.1, for Structural Welding code.
BSEN 5817 for process piping.
ASME section V for NDT Examination.
ASME section IX for Welder Qualification & Procedures.
ASME section II part for specification of electrodes & Fillers.
Company approved Standards, Procedures & Specifications.
Role responsibilities:
 To review the material certificate chemical composition and the physical properties.
Verification and Review of Inspection Assignment Package (IAP).
 Reviewed quality related documents, i.e. approved project procedures, applicable
drawings, vendors, manual and instructions, technical specifications and standard codes
such as ASME, ANSI API, & AWS D 1.1 for inspect ability and acceptability.
 Review and approval of welding procedure specifications (WPS) with relevant Procedure
Qualification Test (PQR) prior to start of welding activities at site. Witnessing Procedure
Qualification Test (PQR) including Tension and Guided-Bend Tests, Hardness Tests for
the Qualification of WPS in accordance with ASME Sec. IX and project Specification.
 Witnessing PT, MPI and also ensures that required NDE has been covered as per the
project specification.
 Maintaining WPS, PQR and WQT used by the contractors and updating regularity.
Closely monitoring the weekly weld repair rate of each welder’s. Procedure Qualification
Record (PQR) as per ASME Sec IX, ASME B31.3 and API 1104.
 Review of Material Test Certificates & random physical verification of material prior to
commencement of fabrication activities.
 Review and approval of Welder qualification test record (WQT) and also Witnessing
Welder Performance Qualification Test (PWQT) in accordance with ASME Sec. IX to
ensure welder is qualified for a broad range of jobs.
 Reviewed ISO, Spool fabrication drawings, Weld Map.
 Inspected various materials such as CS, LTCS, Cr-Mo, A.S, Stainless Steels according
to QCP, ITP & WPS.
 Inspected Consumables, their package, handling and storage and reviewed batch test
 Inspected joint Fit-up , diameter, schedule, root gap, internal misalignment, rotation etc
and PMI wherever required
 Monitored in-process welding parameters such as ampere, voltage, travel speed, heat
input, weaving, preheat & inter-pass temperature requirements, post heating.
 Reviewed calibration of welding machines, baking and holding ovens quivers, gauges
and inspection tools.
 Inspected root for branch welds like sock-o-lets, weld-o-lets, reinforced branch
connection’s and other welds wherever accessible.
 Witnessed NDE wherever applicable.
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 Conducted Weld visual inspection, review daily welding reports and preparing weld
visual reports.
 Inspect fit up preparation, joint configuration, cleanliness, pre-heat temp, and the welding
procedure specification used. Visual examination of root passes, penetration, undercut,
cracks, slag and porosity. Check completed joints for excessive reinforcement, and other
surface irregularities.
 Monitoring and inspecting the prefabrication works by the sub-contractors including the
inward inspection, material handling techniques, heat number transfer, Fit-up and
welding activities, Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) of welding joints, hardness test,
PMI (Positive material identification), reinforced pad test, Orientation and Flush grinding
of orifice flanges.
 Verification of welding process, welder and consumables as per approved WPS.
 Conduct visual inspection of welding, fit-up of critical joints, and dimensional checks,
inspection of materials as per applicable code and standards and drawing.
 Monitoring in process welding activities of low alloy material like P11, P22 and P5
 Witnessed welder’s performance qualifications test and review NDT reports, weld
summary etc.
 Perform stage wise inspection at fabrication shop like in-process Dimensional, Fit-up,
Welding, material traceability records, Surface Preparation and Painting inspection as
per approved Inspection & Test Program.
 Monitor welding ovens holding and backing ovens calibrations records.
Preparation/review and approval of weld maps.
 Welder Performance Qualification in process SMAW, GMAW welding, Welding Stage
Inspection (Before / during & after welding).
 Carry out monitoring inspection to determine weekly welding progress and reject
 Prepared inspection reports/results Performed inspection during fabrication of piping
spools, structural steel materials in accordance with specification. Inspection activities
cover the following: receiving of incoming project materials, material preparation, fit-up
and assembly. Welding inspection – before, during and after welding, dimensional
painting and dispatch of finished products.
 Monitor & witness NDT (MT, PT); review radiographs, hardness test reports, orifice
flange internal grinding records, reinforcement pad testing reports.
 Continuously update inspectors on project requirements to technically support them in
the shop floor.
 Conduct weld audit and monitor welder performance and weld rejection rate.
 Maintain a log book for all reports, inspections and tests including date, time and results
of Calibration certificates.
 Witness procedure qualification (PQR) Welder Performance Qualification various
processes (SMAW, GTAW, FCAW and SAW). Provide training and technical guidance
to inspection personnel. Audits weld testing and weld material control.
 Reviews weld, PWHT records and statistics and Oversees welder qualification
programs, identification of materials, proper preservation of piping and fittings. Verify
proper size and schedule of pipe, rating of flanges, proper flange face and fittings.
 Punch listing of piping packages for Cat ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C” and ensure that properly
identified valves are installed in accordance with the flow diagram, inspection of hangers
and guides in accordance with the piping drawings and the pipe support details.
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 Monitoring the QA/QC Documentation of the subcontractors and ensure that all the
activities are incorporated to their system on daily basis and can be traced according to
our requirements. Issuing NCR’s when non-conformity activities were noted by the
 Verification of closed punch items and conduct walk through for each completed piping
system prior to mechanical acceptance.
Awards & Achievements: Best Performer in LR 2 project in May 2015.
 Certificate of appreciation in CEG, Riyadh.
Personal details
Father’s Name
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Driving License
Language Known
: Mohammed Abdul Rahim.
: 03-05-1987.
: Married.
: Valid in State of Qatar, K.S.A and India.
: English, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu.
Abdul Mohsin Mohammed
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