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Solución taller#2 inglés

Institución Educativa Escuela Normal Superior De Gigante
10 th grade – 2nd term 1st Activity – 2020
Topic: Past simple
Desempeño: Con mi vocabulario trato temas generales, aunque recurro
a estrategias para hablar de hechos y objetos cuyo nombre desconozco.
Vocabulary: verbs
2nd term: 2nd Activity
1. Read the text and complete the chart.
a. where do they live?
b. Why did they decide to
help people
Thulani lives in Kliptown,
South Africa.
Pushpa lives in Nepal.
Catalina lives in Colombia
Thulani when he was little
and finished his elementary
school, his father told him
that he could not afford a
high school, so he worked
to earn his own money to
go to school, that's why he
now with his youth
program helps other young
people in Kliptown to get an
education and improve
their lives.
When she visited a
women's prison, and saw
children living there, this
moved her and she decided
to open a daycare for these
When she was a volunteer
in a Cartagena hospital and
one day a twelve-day-old
boy died in her arms
because the mother was a
teenager and she had no
money to pay for the
treatment that would save
her and a week later
Catalina's baby died
because she fell from a
balcony, from this moment
she did not want more
children to die in these
terrible foundations.
c. how do they help people
Her foundation helps other
young people in Kliptown
get an education and
improve their lives, giving
them uniforms, books and
money for their expenses.
Her daycare cares for
children under the age of
six who are released from
prison in the morning to
spend the day downtown,
she also runs a residential
home for older children
who have the opportunity
to go to school, get food
and medical care.
Her foundation offers
health care and training
programs to help teenage
mothers and their children
have a better life.
2. Watch the following video about pas simple grammar:
3. Answer the next question using the past simple, write full answers.
A= He had to work when he was still in school, because his father had no money to pay for it.
B= He created a program which supports young children with their studies, giving them uniforms, books and money for
their educational expenses.
C= Pushpa studied social work at university.
D= Because one day when she visited a prison and saw that children lived there, she was moved and decided to create
this nursery for them.
E= Her son Juan felipe fell from a balcony and died.
F= The twelve-day-old baby died because his mother was a teenager and had no money to pay for the treatment that
would save him.
4. Match the verbs with the corresponding past simple form.
5. Choose ten verbs from the previous exercise. For each verb write two past simple sentences, one affirmative and
one negative
+ = You did work very hard last week.
- = You didn’t work very hard last week
Make- made
+ = I made a chocolate cake with my mother
- = I didn’t make chocolate cake with my mother last week
Write- wrote
+ = I wrote a romance novel in the summer
- = In summer I didn't write anything because I was busy
Leave- left
+ = I was bored at the party and I left early
- = I didn't want to leave the party because it was fun
Say- said
+= I said the show would be lousy to air
- = I didn't say the show will be bad if it airs
Eat- ate
+ = When I ate those burgers I couldn't stop ordering them.
- = I didn’t eat hamburgers, they are fatal.
Drink- drank
+ = I drank that day and I don't remember anything.
- = I didn’t drink that day and saw that everything went crazy
Drive- drove
+ = He drove down the highway and got lost
- = He didn't drive down the highway for fear of getting lost
Come- came
+ = They came last week and stayed over
- = They didn't come last week, I haven't seen them
Give- gave
+ = I gave him dinner, because he was too late
- = I didn't give him dinner, because he didn't come
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