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VOCABULARY portafolio

1. Abhor: (v) to hate, to abominate
I abhor people who only care for money.
2. Advocate: (v) to plead in favor of, to defend by argument.
We should advocate the TIPNIS cause.
3. Amend: (v) to change something in order to correct an error; to make an
improvement in something.
I am going to amend my research.
4. Appall: (v) to make somebody feel shock, horror or disgust; to fill with
consternation or dismay.
I was appalled when I dreamt that awful nightmare.
5. Apparel: (N) clothing or garments.
To that party, you must come with good apparel.
6. Astray: (adv.) away from the right way.
I was leaded astray by a stranger.
7. Attire: (N) dress, clothes.
That man’s attire looks expensive.
8. Austere: (adj.) severe, strict, unadorned, grim.
My grand grandfather was an austere man.
9. Avert: (v) to prevent something harmful; to turn your eyes away from
We all should be more careful in where our houses are built; in that way
we can avert a disaster.
10. Awry: (adv.) wrongly, not as expected. Adj. not quite straight.
We have finished working. We may have done an awry job, thought.
11. Assailant: (N.) a person who violently attacks somebody.
Luckily, there are no too many assailants in Bolivia.
12. Barge: (N.) a large pleasure boat.
I would love to go on a trip in a barge.
13. Be bound to: (v.) to be certain to, to be sure to.
I would be a professional one day. I am bound to that.
14. Be cut out for: (v.) to have the necessary skills or talent for.
I was shocked when the manager told me I was cut out for the position.
15.Bewilder: (v.) to confuse or puzzle somebody totally.
If you go to do an administrative process in Bolivia, someone will bewilder
16.Bold: (adj.) daring, courageous; a person who likes risk.
I haven’t known a bold person yet.
17. Bough: (N.) a large branch.
There is a bough of the CBA in Cochabamba.
18.Bring about: (v.) to cause, to cause to happen.
We should bring about an improvement.
19.Brush up on: (v.) to review something in order to refresh one’s memory.
He was walking ten minutes outside while he was brushing up on where his
keys where.
20.Buoyant (Adj.) having the quality of being able to float.
We should try building the boat with that odd buoyant material.