10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER (Summary)
Apple's wireless file transmission solution that somehow compensates for the inability to get certain
files from an iPhone via USB. Mission Control, Apple's visual application manager allows you to see
what you have open, as well as create virtual desktops. And Apple includes its basic but functional
productivity suite for free, while Windows can't even open PowerPoint until you install separate
software. Another great inclusion is the Apple Preview. It is a PDF viewer, it is an image file
converter, it dices it, even allows you to preview video files in Finder, fill out forms and sign them
But on the other hand, each Mac can be a Windows or Linux machine. But ultimately, the way people
use it comes down to the individual user, and there's no question that it provides a lot of extra
flexibility for Mac users. But it has implications that do benefit both expert-level users and more
users. Occasional / Average at a very high level. Developers and system administrators love UNIX
because they can dig deep into the operating system and have a clear understanding of what's going
For average users, the benefit is the stability that comes from such a solid foundation. It is used to
develop the entire line of Apple operating systems. So whether you're working on software for a
Mac computer or Apple Watch, Xcode allows developers to harness the power of each system's
hardware and create compelling applications that align without those strict guidelines.
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