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Prozac Artik Yetmediginde When Prozac No

At the last hours of the premiere of my book called Buyulu Sozluk (Dictionary the
Enchanted), when the Prozac level in the blood began to decrease, I was saying to my
editor, Altay Öktem that we should have taken a step to darker project yet, it just so
happens that Shining video «Tillsammans Är Vi Allt» was playing on the screen.
May be it was not a coincidence at all, just as a result of that gloomy vim and vigor striking
to the people by reflecting from Niklas, who knows. Metal music has always become a deep
and intellectual field owing to its philosophy, defended ideologies, artistry and literary side.
The attitudes, images, lyrics and thoughts of the metal bands all the time have caused a
sensation because of their extremism that they keep talking about wild, dark, bloody but in
fact the reality within the earshot of mankind without hesitation when nobody can dare to
put into words.
Pain, sorrow, death, suicide, melancholy, misanthropy, rage, rough criticism, swear,
sexuality are discussed finely in the music is just like taking a trip under your skin to
discover the whole capillary of you. At this point, Shining is the one that can touch the
capillary more closely by injecting the pain to our ears in the name of destruction. Shining
has been enchanted us in Swedish since 1996. The lyrics of this breathtaking, dark music feel
like philosophizing with a hammer in Swedish language but our curiosity for the meaning of
the lyrics has been at the highest level also. By the liturgical effect of the Shining music and
suicidal and self-destructive propaganda of Niklas, people started to think that the lyrics
are all about suicide and Shining has known with the label called Suicidal Black Metal.
When I met with Niklas, the first subject I mentioned had been the translation of his lyrics
into English. However, I have never known that we would decide to make a move with
Altay Öktem at my premiere night and right after; Niklas wide opened the doors to fulfill
our Prozac deficiency. I am incredibly grateful to him.
In the end, Marjinal Kitaplar Publishing House presents “Prozac Artık Yetmediğinde
(When Prozac No Longer Helps)” by the words of Altay Öktem who is the poet of the
darkest poems creating self-destructive feeling to the readers while hurting, injuring,
dragging to the melancholic shores far far away by using the words like the sharpest knives
in full artistry.
The poems of Niklas that are also Shining lyrics adapted to Turkish language devastatingly
as we have never forecasted. The Turkish screams rising from the poems are so high-pitched
and sharp as we had learnt during the translation process gorily. Those dark energies
canalizing by Shining have reached here by intertwining with night, nightmares within a
new cloak in another language, it seems.
Prozac Artık Yetmediğinde is a poetical aspect of death according to me. That is why its
influence becomes deadly when it combines with astonishing Shining music.
I should say that, me as a person dedicating oneself to the meeting points of music with
literature, this book is just a point-shot. It is one of the countless intersections between
these two influential arts hence, passed into history of Dark Arts as a controversial,
fascinated masterpiece that influence thousands by creating malicious storms, mesmerizing
with malevolent words.
Mankind experiences the decadence of hope entirely when their life projects obstruct
ruthlessly just as they witness what the reality will bring to them desperately. Here,
destructive poems of Niklas giving the reality confessedly have turned to a devastative drive
for humanity by Altay Öktem’s words in this book.
Indeed, if our esthetic movement is a supreme and indirect way to satisfy our sensual needs
originated from suffers inside us revealing itself in the poetical state of darkness, so isn’t it
also a trigger directing of our physical aggression to a noble channel?
And I am looking into your eyes, all in flames! You desire to reveal the wild animals inside
of you, prove that you are the threat by your extremism in this hysteria and finally want to
get relief by feeling different. For this reason, Prozac Artık Yetmediğinde will be your
Shall the darkness, blood and self-destruction be materialized!
Zeynep Çolakoğlu
İzmir, February 2014