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if i were president....

If I were president…
Social media
 I would make sure that all social networks were safe to avoid the
inconveniences that are seen today (such as deception with false identities)
 I would try to talk to the creators of social networks so that they could
implement measures such as: that some content be restricted to minors, and
that for example the identity card be requested to verify the user's age
 I would make sure that the stores that sell only alcohol were closed late at
night, and if they are places that sell alcohol and other things then they could
remain open until late at night but couldn't sell alcohol
 I would try to make sure that the places that sell alcohol comply with the rule
that they can't sell alcohol to minors (this could be done through cameras
that police officers always monitor), and if the places do not comply with the
rule would force them to close them
 I would make sure that the people who immigrate to my country were
healthy and came with justified reasons such as work (although of course, the
work could not be anything illegal) and if it were for tourism, I would make
sure that they didn't come with anything illegal such as drugs or weapons.
 In each area where people immigrate to my country, I would put efficient
controls where the immigrant is asked in detail what they are going to do,
and where controls are carried out to verify that the reason why the
immigrant said they were immigrating is true.
 In all airports and all cities, it would put enough controls and efficient police
to avoid the transport of drugs (because although the government has already
put them in, they are not very good and there aren’t enough)
 I would put as a requirement to be a police officer, to have a long training
(where they train not only their physical also mental capacities) to make sure
that no one blackmails them and to make sure that if they are efficient
enough to avoid the transport of drugs
 I would work and support projects, ideas, companies, and foundations, that
are focused on preserving the environment, such as the Adidas and Parley for
the Oceans project to create a shoe made from recycled plastic
 I would require that all companies that handle products that could pollute
the environment change the material with which they are making those
products for one that does not affect the environment, and I would ask all
companies to have a center where they receive all the recyclable material
from their products so that customers do not throw these products anywhere
but return them to them and they can be used