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OTA-form to evaluate websites

Bringing Technology into the Classroom
Gordon Lewis
Define your teaching model
copyright and plagiarism
Website evaluation form
Basic information
Website name/URL
Is the author identified?
Date last updated
Organization and navigation
Is the site clearly organized?
Are the links clearly marked?
Is it easy to move forwards and backwards?
Are there any broken links (e.g. when you click
on a web address do you get an error message)?
If there is advertising, is any of it invasive or
Does the site load? Quickly?
Is there interactivity: can the user do more
than just view information?
Can you contact the publisher?
Is the content age-appropriate?
Is the language level appropriate?
Is the content verifiable?
Is the content objective?
Is the content up-to-date?
Is the content visually appealing?
Is there a multimedia element on the site?
If so, does it support the content and make it
easier to understand?
figure 1.1 Website evaluation form
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