Subido por Paola Molano

Activity Question and answer

1. Did you take a trip last month?
Yes, I did. I mean, My Family and I went to trip landscapes around the Bogotá away to
Boyacá. There We ate some delicious dishes in Isla Morada Restaurant.
2. Did you go your grandmother home last weekend?
No, I didn’t. I didn’t go to visit to My Grandmother, because I had to go another places
last weekend. I had to travel to Apulo Cundinamarca.
3. Did you eat out to some restaurant last weekend?
Yeah, I did. On last weekend My Family and I on way to Apulo, we stopped side to highway
to eat. We ate in La Vara restaurant.
4. Did you watch a movie last week?
No, I didn’t. I had to do the preparation class in my free time on weeknights. Also I arrived
late to my home last weeknights.
5. Did you call some friend on last week?
No, I didn’t. I was very busy last week, but I invited to my best friend to have dinner on
three Saturday's ago.
6. Did you and your family visit some park last weekend?
No, we didn’t. I went to visit Apulo last weekend, because my wife and I went to vote
7. How often did you watch TV last week? I mean, did you watch TV on weeknights?
No, I didn’t on last weeknights. I had to work late and I arrive to home tired.
8. How many time did you spend in your job? I mean did you work late last week?
Yes, I did. On last Week, I spended around twelve hours every day in my job, two week
ago, I began a new project, that is heavy, and I had to work more hour every day.
9. Did you go to drink some beer last week?
No. I did not, last weekend in my country nobody could drink liquor, because we had a
voting day, so by law the stores could not sell beers.
10. Where did you go to vote? I mean, did you go to vote in Bogota?
Yes, I did. My wife and I went to vote to Apulo, because she and me borned there we
always vote there.