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Career Development Review

StrataPath: Career Development Review
Nadia Contesti
Kayleigh Knox
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Nadia Contesti
Kayleigh Knox
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Career Development Review Questions
Career Development Points
Current Role
How are you feeling and
how are you performing in
your current role?
I love working with the team. The fact that we all support each other and work together to offer feedback
and then make our ideas a reality. Also, Kayleigh does such a great job pushing me to improve and
giving me challenging projects and believing in me. I love being appreciated, challenged and listened to
and I hope I am giving as much back as I am receiving from you guys.
Are you valued and
recognized at work in a way
that is meaningful to you
(please explain)?
Yes, Kayleigh and you guys being there 100% and teaching me new parts of our
business make me feel valued and recognized. But I have to mention, being part of the
finance team and LATAM sometimes gets me chasing for information that gets lost in
the process, so reviewing this could make a big difference.
Personal & Professional Goals
What are your top 2
personal goals?
How can StrataCore help?
Short Term (0-3 years)
1. Getting my own apartment. I am still going
Long Term (4-6 years)
1. Investing, I am not sure how the stock market
over the process with my lawyer to get the
credit approval since you guys are in the
States so I am sure I will be reaching out
once I know what I would need from you
guys on this.
will look after all of this situation but definitely
investing will be a priority to make sure I have
different sources of income in the future. Any
type of guidance on this would be great.
2. Buying land in the countryside and
Traveling as much as can, I
possibly building some type of cabin. I am
have my eyes set up to South
not sure exactly what it would look like
America and Europe for the
but definitely getting somewhere to
next couple of years.
escape from the city.
Short Term (0-3 years)
1. Grow within the company and take more
What are your top 2
professional goals?
How can StrataCore help?
Long Term (4-6 years)
1. For what I understand from the 5 years
resposabilites. Setting a career path and
giving me as much feedback and space to
grow as possible, will help me developing
the right skills to get this since I am a very
goal-oriented person.
plan, expanding to LATAM is on the
table. And, I would love to help you guys
setting up the finance department here
from a management position.
2. Using my experience as a trainer, teacher,
2. Finding ways to help my community
maybe through consulting with small
businesses or mentorships that could
help local economies develop.
and recruiter for call centers which makes
me I am a great profiler and communicator. I
would love to put it to use for Stratacore
even if it's outside my established roll.
Do your professional goals
and aspirations align with
your work at StrataCore?
How can they become better
After hearing your 5-year plan, I would think that it is.
I think that this is a great way to do it! The fact that Stratacore is great at communication
makes this easier, because knowing where the company is going allowed me to see clearly
where I could fit in the equation. And now you know where I want to get. Hopefully, we can
find common ground and benefit.
Is anything internally or
externally keeping you from
reaching your goals?
I think I am on track with my goals at the moment but I do want to
learn more about investments and start finding ways to earn more
If so, what are they and how
can they be removed?
How can you up your game
and take it to the next level?
Learning, learning and more learning! I believe there are always ways to improve and more to
learn so I try to learn as much as I can and hear as much feedback as possible to evolve.
Knowing what the team needs will help me set the correct day to day goals.
Do you have the right stress
level at work?
I believe it is.
If not, what are some ways
you and StrataCore can bring
it into better alignment?
Having Marconi join the team has helped me a lot with this, he taking over some of the
tasks has allowed me to focus on different projects. Hopefully, once I get a handle on
them I can continue to learn new things and help the team level their stress too.
Work/Life Balance
Do you have enough quality
time for family, friends,
health, and your interests?
I am grateful for my work/life balance. I know now how important it is after
several jobs that demanded so much that having a life outside it was
impossible. This has made me treasure Stratacore so much more!
Just keep doing what you are doing guys!
How can StrataCore help?
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