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Fusion ETRM

Fusion ETRM
The Next Generation of CTRM/ETRM by Fendahl Technology
Fendahl Technology
The Power of Fusion
Fusion ETRM
Fendahl provides a new generation of intelligent Oil
ETRM (energy trading and management software)
solutions that delivers flexible ETRM functionality and
advanced decision support capabilities.
Rich Oil ETRM Functionality
An efficient ETRM system must allow trades to be
entered with a minimum of effort but still capture all
the required detail. Fusion supports the full range of
physical trades (i.e. index, complex formula, trigger,
etc.) and financial trades (i.e.futures, swaps, OTC
options, listed options, basis swaps, etc.) that oil
traders require.
VaR, stress testing, flexible risk reporting, and “what if”
scenario simulations.
Reporting and Decisions Support
Most legacy ETRM solution lack effective reporting
and decision support capabilities. As a result, traders
have to rely on their own decision support tools. In
most cases traders rely on their own spreadsheets to
help them identify market opportunities and support
their decisions.
Fusion provides traders with powerful position
reporting allowing tracking of daily and dated MTM
PnL. Daily priced-in and priced-out position helps
trader to hedge their position correctly.
Fusion also delivers advanced PnL reporting
capabilities that can reports daily physical delivered
and undelivered PnL. Fusion also tracks Index and
Forward curve based financial priced-in and pricedout exposure, such as; exposure based on Platts,
Argus, Brent, HSFO, NYMEX, etc.
Oil trading businesses need to manage complex
logistics movements of physical stock. Operations
teams need to manage the complexity but also do it
efficiently. Fusion’s visual physical operation module
provides management of physical movements by;
vessel, barge/lighter, rail car, or pipeline. Operators
can efficiently manage vessel itineraries and
manage BL date tracking, NOR and other shipping
documents all within a single screen.
The solution provides comprehensive storage
management capabilities such as; storage valuation
reporting, stock forecasting, and refinery run down
planning, etc. Fusion also supports the specialist
requirements of RACK traders.
The Fusion settlements module delivers a powerful
invoicing and payments management solution. If
customers want to manage invoices and payments
from third party systems Fusion’s modern architecture
simplifies the task of integration with systems such as;
SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, JDE, PeopleSoft, etc.
Fusion provides a comprehensive risk management
solution that also includes advanced features, such
as; PnL attribution, credit risk and limits management,
This is a problem, as the quality of the information
being used to make decisions depends on how
skilled the trader is at building and maintaining their
spreadsheets. As a result, poorly informed decisions
are often made that costs the business money.
Fusion ETRM has been designed around a powerful
ad hoc analytical and graphical business reporting
solution, that delivers the powerful analytical
reporting and graphical reporting drill down
capabilities. These tools guarantee traders have the
accurate and timely information they need to make
Why is Fusion a Next Generation ETRM solution?
What makes Fusion different is that Fusion ETRM has
been developed by an experienced group of ETRM
and energy trading professionals using an entirely
new software architecture as well as the latest design
techniques and tools.
Existing legacy ETRM systems are inflexible and can
not be adapted to support individual customer’s
specific business processes. Fusion’s modern design
provides flexible ETRM functionality that can be easily
molded to a customer’s requirements.
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Fusion ETRM
Fusion ETRM Modules include:
Trade Capture Management
Position Management
Contract Management
Risk Management
Risk Analytics
Physical Operations Management
Fuel Terminal Management
Refinery Run Down Planning
Market Data Management
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Back Office Operations Management
total cost of ownership of any comparable ETRM
solution. This mean that customers can often replace
poorly preforming legacy ETRM solutions and save
Flexible Deployment Options
The Fusion ETRM solution provides flexible deployment
options to suit the needs of small or large trading
businesses. Fusion can be deployed as:
A traditional on-site deployment
A Hosted solution in the cloud
A SaaS based solution
Low Cost of Ownership
Fendahl’s clean sheet approach to development,
allied to Fendahl’s use of offshore development
resources makes Fusion ETRM significantly less
expensive to purchase and maintain when
compared to any other legacy ETRM solutions.
As a result, the Fusion ETRM solution has the lowest
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