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DNA and RNA Notes

This diagram is a picture of Translation
Referring to the diagram in number 1:
-letter A is the ribosome
-letter B points to a codon
-letter C points to an anticodon
-letter D points to a polypeptide chain
-letter E points to an amino acid
-letter F points to an tRNA
-letter G points to an mRNA
DNA and RNA are Nucleic Acids.
The sequence of nucleotides in a messenger RNA molecule is determined by
the sequence of nucleotides in a DNA molecule.
Which of the following is the smallest structure?
• nucleus
• chromosome
transport amino acids to mRNA (correct
The function of tRNA molecules is to:
An mRNA sequence reads UACAGUGCUAGA. The DNA sequence that
this mRNA was made from is:
Use the figure below to answer question 14-18. This is the genetic
code using mRNA codons.
What mRNA codon is the "start" codon? AUG
The mRNA codon CAC codes for which amino acid? histidine
Which 3 amino acids are coded for by the DNA strand ATGGCTATA? (list the
amino acids in order, seperated by commas, and spelled correctly!) Tyrosine, Arginine, Tyrosine
Which amino acid is "transferred" by a tRNA with the anticodon CUA? aspartate
Which DNA sequence could code for the polypeptide
chain; Serine - Alanine - Glycine - Proline?
RNA has only one strand, is directly involved with translation, Exists in 3 different forms, can be attached to a ribosome,
Both DNA and RNA contains Adenine, Pentose Sugar,
are made from nucleotides, can be found in the nucleus,
DNA contains Thymine, With the help of enzymes, it is
able to replicate itself
The backbone of a DNA molecule is made of Deoxyribose and Phosphate
Ribose and deoxyribose are both examples of sugars
A phosphate, nitrogen base, and a sugar make up subunits of nucleic acids also called nucleotides.
DNA Replication occurs in the nucleus
A triplet of 3 bases found on mRNA which code for an amino acid is called a
Purines are nitrogen bases with 2 rings while pyrimidines have 1 ring.
Which two bases are purines? Adenine and Guanine
The "rungs" of the DNA molecule are composed of nitrogen base pairs. This
bases are joined together by Hydrogen bonds.
Protein synthesis can be summarized as: DNA is Transcribed to mRNA.
mRNA is Translated to protein.
The picture below is a Nucleotide
The yellow structure is a nitrogen base
The purple structure is a sugar
The orange structure is a phosphate group