Subido por Angela O.R.


A: Angela
B: Lynn
A: Hi Lynn, how are you doing?
B: Hello Angela, I’m fine, what about you?
A: Excellent, I am in basic 9 now
B: really? congratulations!! Do you remember your first day at
ICPNA in basic 1?
A: Of course, I never forget it, it was amazing.
B: Were you nervous?
A: Not really, I wasn’t nervous because I was excited to learn
English. and you? Were you nervous?
B: Yes, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anybody but
then I could to make friends.
A: great! and do you remember who was your teacher?
B: mmm… let me remember… yeah! My teacher was Miss
A: wow! She was my teacher too! What was your classroom?
B: My classroom was 305 at 4:00 pm
A: I was at the same classroom but I was in the morning at 7:00
B: So, What was your project about?
A: Well, my project was about my favorite singer, and you? how
was your project?
B: I did about my favorite singer too, I did about Taylor Swift.
A: That’s cool!