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Quinzy, my good friend
Once there was a cute boy called “Frank”. He used to play with his old toys: ten little cars,
two trucks and a little Superman. His parents were always working to give him the best
but not their time.
One day, his parents decided to give him a surprise. They put a stuffed rabbit next to him
in the bed. Frank waked up and immediately saw the rabbit. He started to cry of joy and
named him “Quinzy”. The boy ran down stairs to thanks his parents, but they went early
to the job. “They always leave me alone with grandma” said Frank.
“You’re not alone, I’m here” said a sharp voice. “AHHH!” screamed Frank with Quinzy in
his arms. “Who are you? Where are you? How do you entered here?” asked the tiny boy.
“Are a lot of questions. But first, Can you put me in the floor?” said the unknown voice.
Frank gave a briefly watched to the rabbit and said to himself “I’m not crazy if I imagine
this”. “Yes, you are” said the rabbit. “How can you talk?” said Frank while putting it carefully
on the floor.
“I can’t answer that. All I can say is that I’m your friend and I’m here because you need
me” said Quinzy.
After that day, Frank and Quinzy become good friends. Frank’s Grandma sometimes
listened to Frank talking and asking some things but she was watching her favorite soap
opera and all she did was sigh and said “Kids”.
A rainy morning, Frank waked up early and down the stairs slowly when he heard his
parents arguing and screaming. “I don’t like this” said Frank while his eyes filled with tears.
He went to his room and hugged Quinzy. “What happened, Frank?” asked Quinzy. “They
are arguing again. I don’t want to be an adult. I hate them” whispered Frank.
“Listen dear friend, sometimes the people can’t understand others and that’s why they
argue, but it’s not the best way to solve the problems. Of course, you are going to grow
and you will be an adult. My friend, you need to do the difference, being a good kid to
become the best adult of the world. Hating your parents doesn’t solve anything. You need
to understand them and try to talk with them” said Quinzy.
“Thanks to be my friend, Quinzy. I love you, please don’t go to anywhere” said Frank. “I’m
here and I always will be here when you need me” said Quinzy. “Don’t be scared if
someday I don’t talk to you” the rabbit finished.
PD: Most young children play pretend games and interact with their stuffed animals, dolls, or other
special toys as if they were alive. Imaginary friends can be a source of comfort when a child is
experiencing difficulties. There are many case studies of children inventing imaginary friends to
help them cope with traumatic experiences.