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A Guide to Programming EMOMs for Weightlifting
by Mash Elite Coach Matt Shiver
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Every minute on the minute (EMOM) training is one of my favorite styles of training.
It allows athletes to get lots of practice in the full lifts at an intensity that allows for
the development of technique, speed, and endurance in the competition
The athlete will complete a full lift or a short complex at the top of every minute for
a given number of minutes. The beauty of it is that it does not allow for the athlete
to overthink the lift. After a few minutes, they get fatigued and only have a short
time to recover before picking the barbell back up to do another rep. The key is to
only think about 1 cue each rep. You can actually CHANGE your technique little by
little over the series of minutes. The best part is that it saves so much time. If you
are pressed for time in your training sessions, EMOMs are the way to go.
Weightlifting is a sport like basketball, you need to practice the movement to get
better. If you are only training 2-3 times a week it can be difficult to get in the total
amount of reps to maximize your potential in the sport. EMOMs are a great way to
get them!
EMOMs are the most beneficial for the following athletes:
• Beginners
• Athletes who are fixing their technique
• Athletes who regularly miss lifts below 90%
• Deconditioned athletes (EMOMs get the HR up there!)
• Time restricted athletes
Beginners can benefit from EMOM training because it allows them to get LOTS of
repetitions at an intensity that supports their learning of the movement patterns. As
a beginner, getting more repetitions is so important! If you are a coach who spends
time with novice lifters, add this to your tool box! The Beginner Barbell Class that I
coach at Bull City CrossFit does EMOM Tuesdays. We have our biggest turnouts
to this class compared to the other classes we coach. The athletes love feeling
their technique change from repetition to repetition.
There are many different ways to program out EMOM work. The way that I
recommend programming EMOMs is to perform 1 repetition of the competition lift
either at a given percentage and time OR to climb to a challenging weight over a
specific amount of time.
If your goal is to improve your technique or improve your endurance in the
competition movements, I would stick to a given percentage (60-80%) for 8-20
minutes. Start the session with snatches. After your EMOM has finished for the
snatches, take a 10-minute break before warming back up for the clean and jerk
How I typically program this over a month would be the following:
Week 1 – 1 rep at 70% for 15-20 minutes
Week 2 – 1 rep at 75% for 10-15 minutes
Week 3 – 1 rep at 80% for 5-12 minutes
Week 4 – NO EMOM 1 rep 85-90% for 3-8 reps with as much rest as needed
Week 1 starts out at 70%. This weight should feel fast and snappy. You want to be
really focused on the positions with this weight. The longer time is the hardest part.
For those who think that triples are “cardio” try doing a 20 minute EMOM. This will
change how you think about your triples!
As you progress each week the time will get shorter and the weight will increase. If
at any point in these EMOMs you fail or you are close to failing, drop a few kilos.
The goal is to practice your technique. It is not helping when you are missing!
If you are more experienced and want to climb weight with each repetition the
program would be set up a little bit differently. It would look something like this:
Week 1 – 1 rep EMOM style starting at 70% for 8-10 minutes, no misses
Week 2 – 1 rep EMOM style starting at 70% for 10-12 minutes, no misses
Week 3 – 1 rep EMOM style starting at 70% for 12 minutes, 1 miss allowed (go
Week 4 – 1 rep EMOM style starting at 70% for 6-8 minutes, no misses
This type of EMOM training should get above 80% on your last few lifts. It will
challenge the athlete’s ability to recover fully before starting their next lift. Each
week you want to be able to add a few kilos to the last set you did the week before.
Week 4 is a small deload week. You are taking down the time and intensity
(weight) used this week to allow you to recover from the past 2 weeks.
Once you have done the EMOM work shown above, you can add variation to them.
On your snatch, you can add a high pull or overhead squat. On your clean and
jerk, you can add a pull, front squat, or extra jerk. On both you could add a pause
on the pull.
Remember that EMOM work is really designed for improving your efficiency as a
lifter. You may get a PR on the climbing sets if your efficiency is getting better
every single minute, but getting a PR during an EMOM is not the goal in EMOM
training. EMOMs are about building a better technique and base through the
multiple repetitions.
This is simply 5 singles of 3 increasing weights all performed on the minute (15
total sets)
You can keep it really simple as well and do a larger number of on the minute sets
at a single weight, such as 10-15, and then work on increasing this weight week to
week. Or you can start at a moderate weight (like 70%) and do a series of 8-12
OTM sets with a small weight increase each set (such as 2% or 2-3kg). The
hardest part of that workout will be making weight changes, so make sure you
have a plan.
Using a few on the minute sets is also a good warm-up on a day you plan to work
to a heavy single. For example, you may do 5-6 sets on the minute at 70% or so
before proceeding with the rest of your sets up to your heavy single. This will get
you nice and warm, help a bit with consistency, but not take too much out of you.
Clean & Jerk – 5 x 2+1
Clean Pull – 3 x 3
Back Squat – 3 x 5
Day 1
Snatch Pull
Front Squat
Snatch – 5 x 2
Snatch Pull – 3 x 3
Front Squat – 3 x 3
Day 2
Push Press
Overhead Squat
Power Snatch – 5 x 2
Power Clean & Power Jerk – 5 x 2(1+1)
Overhead Squat – 3 x 3
Day 3
Clean & Jerk
Clean Pull
Back Squat
Snatch – heavy single
Clean & Jerk – heavy single
Front Squat – heavy single
EMOM viene de las siglas Every Minute on the Minute. Es un tipo de entreno
basado en realizar tantas repeticiones como sea posible de un ejercicio/s en
concreto durante un periodo de tiempo de un minuto, luego el tiempo que haya
sobrado de ese minuto, se toma como tiempo de descanso hasta volver a
empezar otra tanda.
¿Cómo funciona?
Elegimos un ejercicio o dos, los cuales podemos realizar dentro del minuto o ir
alternándolos durante un periodo total de 10 a 30 minutos.
For example, if 10 push ups took an athlete 17 seconds, they would have 43
seconds to rest until the next minute frame.
Debemos de evitar abusar del fallo (aunque esto es algo que llegará
inevitablemente) para así no sobrecargar a nuestro SNC.
Un ejemplo de EMOM puede ser por ejemplo el siguiente:
A1.Cleans 10×2-5
A2.Dominadas explosivas 10×3-6
Como puedes ver es un tipo de entrenamiento muy simple pero efectivo y
podemos variarlo como queramos para crear numerosas combinaciones que nos
permitan mejorar en determinados ejercicios.
Además para aquellos interesados en la musculación, es un excelente método
para añadir una gran cantidad de TUT manteniendo además una intensidad
relativa alta, sin hablar de los beneficios que este tipo entrenamiento nos aporta en
términos de quema de calorías.
Este tipo de método de entrenamiento es muy buena elección si lo que queremos
es mejorar nuestra resistencia trabajando constantemente a altas pulsaciones o
mejorar nuestro rendimiento en determinados tipos de ejercicio.
También es una excelente elección para aquellas personas que no tengan
demasiado tiempo para entrenar, ya que como puedes si añadimos el previo
calentamiento y el estiramiento de después de entrenar, el WOD duraría como
mucho unos 30 minutos, 40 si subimos los minutos realizados
EMOM in 20 minutes
From 0:00-5:00 EMOM
5 Thrusters (95/65
From 5:00-10:00 EMOM 3 Thrusters (115/85
From 10:00-15:00
1 Thruster (135/95
From 15:00-20:00
8 TTB or Progression
Sample EMOM Workouts
Below are four (4) sample EMOM-based workouts that can be modified and
integrated into most fitness levels.
1. Bodyweight EMOMs
Below is a basic 18-minute EMOM integrating three bodyweight movements.
Accompanied with the movements is a regression and progression. Note, that for
this style of workout the repetitions ranges are in the 12-15 rep range, give or take,
and the goal is to provide quality training stimulus and volume, with short (15
seconds) rest periods. Repeat the below circuit for six rounds (18-minutes).
 Movement 1 (First Minute) – 15 Push Ups (Perform kneeling push ups for
regression, hand-release or plyometric push ups for progressions)
 Movement 2 (Second Minute) – 20 Air Squats (For
regressions/progressions, simply decrease/increase repetitions in minute
 Movement 3 (Third Minute) – 40 Second Plank (For
regressions/progressions, simply decrease/increase repetitions in minute
2. Muscle Hypertrophy EMOMs
Below is a 15-minute EMOM integrating two movements, and a programmed rest
interval. This is a creative way to superset two bodybuilding movements to not only
build muscle but also do so in a very timely fashion. Repeat the below protocol for
a total of 5 rounds (15-minutes)
 Movement 1 (First Minute) – Back Squat x 8 reps with 70% of max
 Movement 2 (Second Minute) – Weighted Pull Up x 8 reps
 Movement 3 (Third Minute) – REST
3. Olympic Weightlifting EMOMs
The below 16-minute EMOM-based workout is an effective way to keep lifters on a
controlled clock to (1) keep them moving, (2) not allow them to overthink
movements, (3) build work capacity, and (4) to prepare them for meets (such that
the may have to go to stage before they “feel” ready.
Perform the following protocol for a total of eight rounds (16-minutes)
 Minute 1 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 50% max
 Minute 2 – REST
 Minute 3 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 60% max
 Minute 4 – REST
 Minute 5 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 70% max
Minute 6 – REST
Minute 7 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 70% max
Minute 8 – REST
Minute 9 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 75% max
Minute 10 – REST
Minute 11 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 75% max
Minute 12 – REST
Minute 13 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 80% max
Minute 14 – REST
Minute 15 – Clean + Jerk (3+1) at 80% max
Minute 16 – REST
4. Track (Running) EMOMs
The below 20-minute EMOM is a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness,
running economy, and attack an athletes anaerobic and aerobic capacities. By
performing interval-based EMOMs you can achieve a high amount of quality work,
program sufficient rest periods, and increase fitness in a timely fashion. Perform
the below protocol for a total of four rounds (20-minutes). Note, that rest intervals
are programme within the 400m and 300m windows. The goal is to sprint the
400/300m runs, and rest with the remaining time.
 Minute 1-3 – 400m Sprint
 Minute 4-5 – 300m Sprint
5 Squat Cleans 80kg/50kg
Go for 60-80% of your 1rep max. Don’t cheat yourself, increase the load if it is too easy
Max strict pullups
Starting easy this EMOM will make your forearm scream for mercy and the reps you
complete each time will shrink drastically!
1 Clean
1 SquatClean
1 Jerk
Go for 60-80% of the 1rep max from your weakest exercise. Don’t cheat yourself,
increase the load if it is too easy
10 Cal Row Sprint
5 Pushpress 50/30kg
5 Boxjumpburpees
Just go through it. You won´t believe how long 6min can feel.
3 Wallclimbs
3 ToesToBar
5 Snatch 75%
5DL 100/60kg
2x28kg Farmers Walk
5 Pull Ups
Grip Strength. ´Nough said.
Like these workouts? Then why not check out our list of AMRAP workouts to choose for
your next time in the Box.
“Movember Cowboys” Paradiso CrossFit Variation
AMRAP 15:00
8 HSPU Sub: 10 T-Push Ups
12 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65) Sub: 12 DB Hang Power Cleans
10 V-Ups
Rest/Transition 5:00
“Captain Mustache” By CrossFit Nashville
AMRAP 15:00
50 Double Unders Sub: Single Unders (2:1)
9 DL (185/125)
12 Burpees
15 Box Jumps (24/20) Sub:Step Ups
3 Rounds for Time
29 Push-Ups
6 Hang Power Cleans (50/35 kg)
29 AbMat Sit-Ups
6 Push Presses (50/35 kg)
29 Pull-Ups
6 Overhead Squats (50/35 kg)
29 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)