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Overview - Leadership

My Leadership Teaching approach by
The yardstick to measure great leadership is not how popular your book about leadership on is but the culture of enduring excellence that the Leader leaves behind after he is
long gone from the scene. Examples: Krishna (3.000BC), Buddha (563-483BC) and Jesus (6BC30AD)”. “Whosoever wishes to be the first among you shall be your servant” was said by a
great Leader that has millions of followers 2.000 years after his death (Jesus).
Leadership is about empowering other people. To empower others you must travel from the
stage of identifying yourself with “I” and “mine” to a stage where you identify with “we” and
“ours”, that is from selfishness to selflessness, from your ego desires to a cause that’s worth
sacrificing your life for. Selflessness is the foundation of any great Leader. You become a
servant to others because you love them and they are part of your inspiring Vision or selfless
Purpose. Your love and example make people trust you, love you and follow your Vision too.
You can’t love unselfishly if there is no self-contentment. And there can’t be self-contentment
if there is no self-confidence. And for having self-confidence you have to know yourself and
have Faith in that Self (Soul) that does not die and is beyond the personality or any change.
The first step is then to be Self-Empowered. Only when you know yourself as that unchanging
eternal Truth that is Love, you know no fear and you can have the courage to make any
decision. Despite the external uncertainty you are guided are your inner wisdom (or intuition).
And to know yourself as the source of Truth and Love that we all are, you need willpower to
make the necessary effort. Perseverance is key to self-development and you will need it to
persist in spite of difficulties that may arise. As Churchill said “Never, never, never, never give
up”. Give up all bad habits and have the willpower to persist in your journey towards your
Not only is your Vision important (what to do and why) but how and when to do it correctly.
You need to have the initiative to make things happen. As David Allen says “you need to have
perspective and control if you want the right things done right”.
Eighty per cent of what makes a great Leader so great is character. His character is based on
his selfless love and capacity to sacrifice for an inspiring Vision. His character generates trust
because he says what he thinks and does what he says. People follow his example because it is
a reflection of how congruent He is. The Leader inspires others by his powerful character that
is based on universal values such as Truth, Love, Equanimity, Right Conduct and Non-violence.
The other twenty per cent of what makes a great Leader so great is his knowledge. Knowledge
in three areas: knowledge about himself (his Soul, mind and body), about others (his ability to
deal with people) and knowledge about his job. The ultimate goal of knowledge in a Leaders’
chosen field is to develop intuition or that inner voice (the power to immediately perceive the
truth of anything without reason or analysis). A great Leader knows his people as well as their
mothers do and cares even more. That requires genuine interest in people and the ability to
train, teach and communicate.
Since great Leadership is exercised by the mind (reflected in character), it is the mind that has
to be trained to develop qualities such as self-confidence, courage, willpower, initiative…and
that’s what I love doing as a life coach! Take care of your thoughts and then your actions will
take care of themselves. Keep doing the right things right and you’ll build your character and
reap your destiny. A destiny that will make a lasting impression on many other lives.