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The question i will answer today is how is the supernatural represented in the history.
Fundamentally the movie was based on paranormal events, we can see it in the scene of the
piano, of the curtains, among others.. The supernatural is represented from the beginning of
the film, with mysterious scenes and with the acting of the daughter. you could say that the
girl was “possessed”, watching victor, a ghost and interacting with him, something that
nicolas couldn't do or see and was also afraid.
the mom at the beginning didn’t believe in what the girl said but at the same time she
was worried about her behavior until she started to notice strange things in the
house and a very changed attitude of the girl. Also we can see the mother too
frightened since she herself has a paranormal event, that of the possessed girl, even
when she ends up hitting him. After that he begins to have too much fear and worry,
trying to rule out who was victor and trying to "help" the daughter. finally the mother
ends up presencing who was really the "malignant" entity and begins to escape from
them until she arrives at the piece with the revived grandmother possessed with the