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Nursing English Test Lesson 3 (S)

Lesson 3 Respiratory Unit
PART I: Response Questions
_____ 1. N: Why did you come to the hospital?
P: ______________________
(A)I’ve been coughing up some blood
(B) I really hope I can be discharged soon.
(C)I have been going to a clinic near my
_____ 5. N: How long have you been smoking?
P: ______________________
(A) For as long as I can remember
(B) After I graduated from college
(C) Oh, just from time to time
_____ 6. P: N
urse, I’m having difficulty breathing right
N: ______________________
(A) All right. Let me help you sit up straight.
(B)The respiration rate is one of the vital
(C)Yes, you’ll be able to check out very
_____ 2. N: How long have you had TB, Miss Smith?
P: ______________________
(A) My grandpa passed it on to me.
(B) I really have no idea.
(C) I don’t want you to suffer.
_____ 3. P:Why can’t I change the dosage on my
N: ______________________
(A)Because your body will become resistant
to the medication
(B)Because the hospital allows changes in
the dosage
(C)Because the doctor thinks that an
operation is necessary
_____ 7. P: Why do I need a nasal cannula?
N: ______________________
(A) It reminds you to take your medicine.
(B) It will help you to get oxygen.
(C) It’s for the good of your liver.
_____ 8. P: Is this condition curable?
N: ______________________
(A) Yes, it is curable.
(B) It was cured before.
(C) We’ve cured them.
_____ 4. P: Is my respiration rate normal?
N: ______________________
(A) No. It’s a bit light.
(B) No. It’s vital.
(C) No. It’s too fast.
Lesson 3 Respiratory Unit
PART II: Multiple Choice
_____ 1.We should have a checkup __________ once a
(A) at least
(B) mostly
(C) often
_____ 9. Can ginger tea __________ colds?
(A) prevent (B) examine
(C) recover
_____ 10.Patients mustn’t change the __________ of
the medication by themselves.
(A) drug
(B) dosage
(C) price
_____ 2. My uncle __________ a heart attack.
(A) died with
(B) died by
(C) died of
_____ 3.The patient used to smoke two ___________
of cigarettes per day.
(A) bags
(B) packs
(C) bottles
_____ 11. I have a headache __________.
(A) once upon a time
(B) at once
(C) once in a while
_____ 4.He could hardly __________ after hearing the
(A) breath
(B) lie
(C) breathe
_____ 12.Could you __________ John to paint the wall
this weekend?
(A) remain (B) remind
(C) reject
_____ 5.The man pulled his tie __________ before
leaving the house.
(A) straight
(B) bright
(C) light
_____ 13.The visiting hours are __________ from 10
a.m. to noon.
(A) set
(B) to begin
(C) planned
_____ 6.The doctor will __________ the prescription if
(A) invent
(B) urge
(C) adjust
_____ 14.Be careful not to __________ the disease on
to others.
(A) catch
(B) cure
(C) pass
_____ 7.Don’t worry. There are no __________ findings
in your blood test.
(A) abnormal
(B) present
(C) normal
_____ 15.Diabetes is not __________, but it can be
controlled by diet and medication.
(A) curable (B) controllable (C) changeable
_____ 8.__________, I’ve been accepted to medical
(A) Congratulations
(B) Believe it or not
(C) To be or not to be
_____ 16.The doctor is listening to the patient’s heart
with a(n) __________.
(A) IV
(B) stethoscope (C) cannula