Reflection on the use of mathematics in daily life
Name: Nathael Cueva
Mathematics is fundamental for children's intellectual development, it helps them to be
logical, to reason in an orderly manner and to have a mind prepared for thought, criticism
and abstraction.
The mathematics configure attitudes and values in the students because they guarantee a
solidity in their foundations, security in the procedures and confidence in the results obtained.
All this creates in children a conscious and favorable disposition to undertake actions that
lead to the solution of the problems they face every day.
In turn, mathematics contributes to the formation of values in children, determining their
attitudes and behavior. They serve as patterns to guide your life, a style of confronting the
logical and coherent reality, the search for accuracy in the results, a clear understanding and
expression through the use of symbols, capacity for abstraction, reasoning and generalization
and the perception of creativity as a value.
In addition to the specific aspects of the use of mathematics in your daily life, it is also
important to highlight the most global virtues of this discipline. In effect, you can enrich your
spirit by using mathematics regularly.
Unlike the specific uses of everyday life, the global virtues of mathematics are competencies
applicable to all situations of daily life.
Indeed, if you reason effectively and your thinking is always consistent and rigorous, you are
more likely to make better decisions than a person who has no mathematical rigor. As with
philosophy, argumentation or rhetoric, mathematics is an amazing tool for structuring
From there to say that mathematics can make you smarter, as you hear from time to time,
there is a very thick line. In any case, it will always be better to have coherence and logic
when it comes to reasoning.