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3D Book project
Choose book model size that better fits your book.
Available Thin, thick and normal.
Open the appropriate project file and insert your book designs - like cover and
page screenshots. Or you can create your cover and page design right in the After
Effects (That's what I did)
Open the "00 Add your book design here folder" there you will see all comps that
stores front cover, back cover, spine and inner pages. Open these comps one by
one to replace my design with yours.
Be sure to place everything under the Paper texture layer. this will automatically
apply paper texture to your design and will make it look more natural.
You can also add pictures to your book, edit texts, titles, quotes and basically
everything that is within those comps.
Open the "00 Quotes" folder. There you will find those 5 quotes on red
backgrounds. Edit the text to fit your needs. You can also change the background
color from red to whatever fit's your design. To change color - simply go to Effect
properties of the background layer and change color value. You can also replace
text with your logo, website url or whatever you need.
When you're done customizing and satisfied with the results - choose one of the
three output comps - Full HD, HD or SD depending or where you're going to use
this video. For web usually SD is fine. HD would be fine for TV, but if you want your
video to be exported in higher possible quality - choose full HD which will give you
1080p resolution.
If you want to use audio in your video drop your audio file in the output comp that
you're going to use. I used Quick Funk by AudioQuattro from AudioJungle. You can
purchase this song from here: it's only
8$ and your presentation will come to live. I also used some sound FX to put
emphasis on the book animation. If you also want to use those sound FX - send me
a request to [email protected]
If you're using After Effects in different than english version you might experience
problem that book is always closed. This is because I used Slider control and when
you open this project in German or other non-english version of AE slider name
changes to german word and you got Expression error.
There are 2 ways to overcome this problem. The first method is to go through each
expression that links to an expression control, and change the name to it!s
alternate language counterpart. Or to open the project in it!s native language. You
can read more about the second method here:
If you have some other problems with this project or you want me to customize it for
you - let me know. [email protected]