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Documentary Alcacer

Documentary Alcacer
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Eric Cábal <[email protected]> 23 may. 2019 7:26
para Barbara
DR. Peters:
It´s been a while since the last time. I ve benn very busy with the usual pains, and also
have to go trough all the doctors, get reports in order to go to trial. Mi hope is that they
gave 33% of incapacity, that will mean I could afford College.
I haven´t push you, becouse to be perfectly honest, I´m waiting to be paid for a long
time, and since a don´t have the 250e for the second payment, I didn´t want to bother
you. As Dr Cuervo told me you must be very busy in classes, reports, and other works.
I just want you to know, that I´m still there, I´m still working. And hope to get the rest
and conect with you.
PD: Any problem with the reports? Any lack of information? Doubts?
Like the old spaniards said ... HEALTH!
Best wishes.
<[email protected]>
23 may.
para mí
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Yes, sorry for the radio silence. I have been busy with trips to the US so far this year. I
have also been involved with a UK documentary maker as well regarding an old British
case which is ironically rather similar!
I was only thinking the other day that I should complete the report for you. I do have my
conclusion and thoughts with what information I have got from the PM reports and
pictures. As you have already given me some money, I feel I should get this done now.
I’m sorry to hear that you are still in pain and apologies again for the tardiness of me
getting my report back to you.
I will make it my priority next week before I head back to the USA for another
Best wishes
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Eric Cábal <[email protected]> 23 may. 2019 15:06
para Barbara
Glad to hear, that your year it´so busy, and productive!
Please don´t get in a rush to finish my report, like I told you I waiting to get paid from
the Goverment, and like they say here "the things of the Palace are slow".
I´m intrigued qith the case that it´s similar, and the documentary you have worked. If
you can send me a little information I will make my research. The father of the girls
said it was a world wide type of criminals. Of course everybody laughed at him, but in
Belgium happened a very tough case with judges involved.
Oh!. Like I´m waiting this payments, I´m wondering ... Would you be ok if my back
alows me to go to the UK, and interview you, or any of your people? I know that´s
suddently but in this space of time that we didn´t talk in Spain has produced and
premiered two movies about the case "75 DÍAS" and "LAS NIÑAS", and now Netflix
are gonna open theyr own show.
All the producers and TV´s that back me down saying that "nobody wanted to hear
about that case of murder-TV-trash", has maked theyr own shows.
It´s very important for my to be as honest as I can, I´m not a professional of
criminology, and for example years ago I demanded help to a Dr named Etxebarria who
got notoriety in TV becouse another disaster, case of children killed by the father.
I got in touch with this DR explained what I wanted, and right on he told me he was
interested, he knew the case was a mess. That I should gave hum of the information I
got, and he will gave an answer. Well, there never was an answer. In Youtube I saw the
Dr making public speeches using my pictures and drawings and saying that these kind
of material "should never be in the hands of the people".
My surprise came later, when he got his own TV show aboy murders ... And he
covered the case of Alcácer, saying that everything was perfect.
By the way this man has the responsability of ungrave the deads of the result of the
Fascist war in Spain from 1936-1939 ( to this day Spain is the largest country of Euripe
with more holes full of unknown people), and he made a new autopsy to the body of
the President of Chile Salvador Allende. To prove that he commited suicied, that he
was not killed by the coup d´Etat of Pinochet.
As you can see, I´m facing a big enemy with lots of resources.
Glad to hear from you.
<[email protected]>
para mí
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Hello there!
10 ago.
Hope you are doing well and again apologies for the radio silence. I am now beginning
to complete a lot of projects overseas so I can now focus on your report.
I am still working with the documentary makers in the UK. The case is a death
concerning a 33 yr. old that died in a well-known UK celebrity’s home in 1992. The
celeb is Michael Barrymore and the deceased was Stuart Lubbock.
I have started to watch the Netflix series about the Alacacar murders…..Is this what you
are involved in? What productions have you worked on in the past and what are you
doing with this information I give you?
I am just curious!
Eric Cábal <[email protected]> 22 ago. 2019 19:15
para Barbara
First of all, deeply apologies fot not having in touch with you. My dammn back
problems have took to the emergency room, and to new doctors. Well, nothing more to
say, just that if your health is bad ... Everything I worked, and still work so hard it´s
really SLOW.
Yes, my proyecti it´s about the Alcacer girls. And i´m really angry with the Netflix
documentaryes. You see ... I have been working on the documentary since 2009, when
I discovered that the father of the girl Miriam was facing 15 years in jail. I took it as a
very personal thing. I thouhgt that somebody have to expose that the oficial "truth"
about the case, it´s just absurd. If the father used that to become "famous" in TV, or
making money ... In my opinion, it has nothing to do with the brutal murder of his
But Spanish culture it´s very difficult to understand. It´s even difficult for me. The
media manipulated the information since 1997, and they just attacked the father
becouse he ( supposidly ) was making money with the case. But nobody exposed that
the whole case is an absolute lie. If you have checked the reports of the bodies, it´s
obviusly that two small time thieves. One of them homosexual could make such
atrocities in a few hours. In an abandoned house in the middle of the forest, not leaving
proofs of them in the girls. Not leaving ANY proofs in the house ( except an earing of
Miriam in the house ), and I can go an on and on ...
The Netflix thing ... I knew since the beggining that this type of proyect nedded a big
crew of specialist and big money. Lawyers, experts of criminology, etc ... I can only
tell you that ANYBODY wanted to work with me. The family of Miriam refused. I
talked with the Professor Frontela ( the private doctor who tryed to make the second
autopsy ), he said yes, but when he found out that I was only a professional of
audiovisuals, but not a bigshot from the TV ... He refused. There´s another professor
named DR Carracedo. He asked me the reports ( the ones you have ) and never
answered me again. He used them in his own speeches. The journalist Juan Ignácio
Blanco ( the one who was with the father, in all the TV shows ) talked with me, and
gave me a bunc of old VHS ... And later become "famous" in the Internet and radio
shows, and wanted his VHS back and no interviews with me. You can see him, really
sick of cancer, with shaved head in the Netflix docs. The brother of Miriam told me
that he was really in pain all his life becouse of what happened to his sister, and never
recovered. I asked him a question, and his wife told me that he was in bed for a week (
I only asked him if the cross with necklace was from Miriam ). And ... Like his father
who I have been told that he NEVER wanted to be interviewed again ... They are in
I´am very, very dissapointed. Not becouse I have been working for 10 years for free (
and I don´t want any fame or money from this crime ), but becouse of the fact, that so
many people are treating this thing as a business. It really got me down.
My aproach to the case in MY documentary it´s very simple:
1.- I want to expose, step by step the reconstruction of the "official truth". Three girls, 2
grown men, and "another man" in a small car. I have shot it in the documentary. The
impossible mountains in wich supposidly the Opel Corsa car, travelled in the night, in
wich ONLY a 4x4 car could get me there. All that it´s already done in my
documentary. The fact, that from the house were the rapings and torture were done,
there´s like 15 minutes in the middle of the woods ... These girls could not move, with
the terrible pains they were inflicted on them.
Please don´t get wrong. There´s no blood, or gore in all these. It´s DRAMATIZED
with dummies, and using the summary of the case. But with absolutly respect.
2.- Using the summary of the case, and showing the absolute ammount of "mistakes"
from the digging up of the bodies, to the first autopsies, the "loss" of theeths, the
appearance of unknown bones serrated by the wrist in the pit, the "loss" of pubic hairs,
and unknown hairs in the bodyes of the girls, etc ...
3.- Expose that the case it´s not close AT ALL. It should be reopen. I could go on and
on, with the connectons of the people involved in the case, and their "suddently"
succes; it can be in politics, or promotions, or the most embarrasing joke. Jeronimo
Boloix ( you could see him in the Netflix ) an old Guárdia Civil agent ( a Franco´s
fascist military police, with and endless history of torture ) who wass dissmised of the
Guardia Civil, and worked as a carpenter ... Till the case exploded and he was in Tv
drom 1992 till now as ex-inspector of the case ( he was never involved, in fact he was
out of the Guardia Civil and was a carpenter ) and also a "journalist".
I don´t know how to express my anger against the murders, the mess of the
investigation, the prosecution of the father and three journalist ( they are not in the
Netflix, they refused to talked with me, but they told lots of things. And not pleaseant.
They asked for them 4 years. In what country in Europe they ask 4 years in jail to
journalists? ), and then ... My name became sort of ... Known in Internet. I never post
nothing, and I don´t want any reward becouse of this. But too many people knew that I
was working on this. In fact, in Spain they have made two explotation-blood movies
about the case ( LAS NIÑAS and 75 DIAS, if you are interested ) and tryed to get in
touch with me. I didn´t answered.
I send the proyect to any TV channel, documentary producers, etc ... In the hope that
maybe they can finish my work quicker than me. I was gave in the proyect for nothing
... It was refused by everybody.
Then some of this TV channels maked their own Alcacer documentaries, one with
Professor Carracedo. All of them endorsing the oficial truth ... Now the Netflix thing. I
have no proofs that it was based on my proyect, or the information I have found in the
more of 6 thousand pages of the Summary, and the more of 4 thousand of the records
of the trial. Plus my travels to the crime places. But ... It sounds strange, and anyway
IN MY OPINION they don´t expose nothing. But it´s good business for everybody.
4.- Well, I don´t know what else to say. What I want it´s your professional opinion
about the reports. The way the digged up the bodies, the way the autopsies were done.
Do you think as a professional it´s correct to cut off the heads, hand, vaginas, annus of
the girls? Specially if there´s another doctor waiting to make a second autopsy? Do you
think it was correct to wash the clothes, the bodies, and the skulls with water? There´s
pictures, and also it´s said in the trial records when they watch the autopsy videos? Do
you think it was correct to decide that it was not important to analyze the pubic hairs
and hairs found in the victims, because they could prove the agents and civilians who
did the digging up ? ( this was the opinion of the Case Prosecuter, and also the
secretary of the Judge?
This are the questions when I read the reports. Of course I have no authority to question
to professionals of law, or corpse coroners ... But if I gave you a list of my questions,
you can answer them. Maybe their job was correct ... Who knows.
I´m asking you to read the reports and with an objective point of view, tell me what do
you think? Do you think it was a fine job? Ok.
Do you think that there are things wich are strange, or at least arguable? Well, I hope
so. The Professor Frontela said very stron opinions against the first autopsy, and the
whole case. But I want to make the most profesional thing: Asking to a professional.
I hope I have explained myself. And ask you what is the status of your job.
Greetings, and tell me if you have questions. Because the truth is
that I hope to finish this documentary soon. That Netflix product has
ruined the fact that I wanted to arrive first, so that the public
opinion had truthful information about what is said in the Case
Summary. And my hope was that the people would be outraged and ask
that the case be reopened, and once and at the end.
Eric Cábal <[email protected]> 4 sept. 2019 12:45
para Barbara
To the attention of Dr Barbara Peters:
I have been waiting since 2018, if I´m not wrong it´s when I maked an advance
payment, for the study of reports of the Case Alcácer. I tryed very hard, to make
understand that, this was a very special situation for me, since the brutal killings of
these three children were a shock to the whole spanish culture at the time.
My request were very easy: As an expert, gave me your opinion about the praxis used
in the different stages of the case ( the undiging, the authopsies, the loss of evidences
and denial of make DNA tests). I wanted a clear, objective point of view from a
professional, who´s not contaminated by the spanish media; and also a way to show to
the spanish audience for the first time, what really happened, in a simple, straight way.
Using simple vocabulary and drawings.
Since then, I have been patient, becouse I understand that you have many other jobs,
and also Christmas; but to this day I haven´t recived any part of jour work. To my
astonisment, in your last letter you talked about having watched the Netflix
documentaries about the Alcácer Case,and asked me; if I wanted to do a similar thing?
I have waited a week or more, expecting again a word.
Nothing happened.
I must said that I found myself in a very unpleaseant situation. I waysted more than a
year for your work, and to this day I haven´t even heard about it. I think that goes
beyond any reasonable professional situation.
Unless you have anything to say, I want to cancel our agrrement. I also want the refund
of the money I have spend, and I will inform of this situation to the relevant authorities.
mié., 4
para mí
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Firstly, I apologise if there has been some misunderstanding but you should of received
my reply to my last email. I can understand you are angry, but you assured me knowing
my busy work commitments this year and your back injury there was no rush. In
regards to payment, I recall that I did not want payment until this was complete but you
resisted this and paid me the 250 Euros which I assumed was for my fee for the time
taken to make an appraisal. I am very saddened at your email I have received today
stating your grievance.
Your last email to me finally made it clear what exactly what you were looking for from
me, however, my response stated I am not an expert in archaeology (digging of the
bodies) or any DNA testing. (This is down to a forensic biologist) I was initially
contacted for my expertise in the autopsy assessment only and nothing else. I have the
emails indicating this.
Fundamentally, I cannot find any criticism of the Spanish authorities in regards to how
the autopsies were carried out in regards to these tragic cases. From all the pictures and
reports including toxicology/histology reports that was sent to me, the autopsy
examinations of the 3 girls were carried out thoroughly.
From a forensic examination, it is the prerogative of the Pathologist conducting the case
what is done to the body to determine what injuries have been sustained. It is common
practise in the UK to remove the pelvic block that consists of the vagina/anus in a
female. This might be different in Europe and I cannot give a judgement of what the
protocols are internationally.
This is then preserved in formalin so it can be fixed to preserve the tissue for
histological testing under the microscope, if required. I couldn’t recollect the
heads being removed from the autopsy report, but if they are this could have
been due to the state of decomposition of the bodies. This would also apply to
the hands, unless the Judge wanted the hands removing for identity purposes.
In regards to washing of the bodies, clothes and skulls, it is normal practice for
this to be done after the examination. This is also done for dignity and respect
issues to the deceased and a humanitarian practice to the dead but again I cannot
confirm the protocol that would apply through the Spanish authorities.
In second autopsies, the Pathologist will just re-examine the bodies for the
defence. This is standard procedure or I cannot confirm the requirement in Spain
or the jurisdiction you are referring unless something very obvious is found after
having the first autopsy undertaken.
Samples are taken at post mortem for DNA; hair, tissue but bear in mind that
DNA testing in 1992 was still in its infancy and not widely practiced but you
would have to refer to past practice in Spain.
If you need opinions about the dig, then this has to be directed to an
archaeologist. I cannot give any opinions on this practice.
In regards to asking about the Netflix documentaries, I merely asked if you were
involved with it as being a documentary maker. I have no intention of wanting to
collaborate with you in another. Incidentally, I wanted some clarity of your identity
more than anything as I do get a lot of hoax emails about this subject, so I am very
cautious what information I give. This is my professional integrity.
In summary, I hope this information I have provided today assists you in your further
investigation to these tragic deaths.
Kind regards
Eric Cábal <[email protected]> mar., 10 sept. 11:25
para Barbara
Dr Peters:
I´m really offended of what I have readed.
The last part is humiliating: " In regards to asking about the
Netflix documentaries (... ) I wanted some clarity of your identity more than anything
as I do get a lot of hoax emails about this subject, so I am very cautious what
information I give. This is my professional integrity"
Do you really ask 1 year later, about mi "identity" or
"intentions", becouse I might been part of this "hoax"
mail that you received? If something, I probably have
spent too much effort trying to communicate you, not only
my professional career; but my humanitarian ( not
economical ) intentions.
It really hurts, that after a long year of mails, in the
last one; after watching these Netflix things, you wonder
about the "hoax".
I really don´t recall my persistence about paying the fee,
I spoke to Dr. Cuervo about the usual procedures, and from
what I understood ( maybe I was wrong ) I asumed it was
normal to pay the 250 fee ( I didn´t invent the numer ),
only to show you my absolute determination; and also
becouse the professional is gonna put lots of time and
work. Before the job is finished. I was also recommanded
to pay inmediatly, when I recived the final reports.
Maybe was another mistake. But that´s all. A pure and
simple, way to show professionality and respect.
What makes the "hoax" thing, more insulting. I wonder how
many of these "hoax" e-mails pays you in advice
I could go an on an on ..., in all our mails, but I´m not
gonna take no more time to try to comunicate my concerns
about the case.
If I got in touch with a professional, and I´m just a
professional documentary maker; it´s becouse I want to
gave him/her the reports, get a professional opinion about
the way things were done. Becouse another doctor in Spain
complete dissalow the autopsies done and call them "vital
destruction of evidence".
And he was not the only one.
So I tryed a professional from an objective point of view,
to gave me what I expected professional reports about
each step:
1.-the way the bodies were unburied. Now you are telling
me that you are NOT an expert in archaelogy, so you can´t
comment about. Well ... Why you didn´t say that in the
first place, and not take the job?
By the way, the PhD Frontela says "an autopsy starts in
the moment the bodies are found and how they are taken". I
didn´t know that we needede an archeology expert, but I
will keep this in mind.
2.- You are also not a DNA expert. So my question is the
same. Why you took the job? In fact in the reports they
are not questions about DNA, but the question is: IF
HAIRS, AND PUBIC HAIRS founded on the corpses has an
importance becouse of the DNA tests, in order to find the
murderers. That was in fact, the statement of the
Prosecuter, and the folowing judges. "The hair or hairs
have no importance. The DNA tests have no importance". I
think it´s not necessary and expert in DNA, to say if this
evidence are worth of a DNA test or not.
3.- I asked to have an "understable" traduction of what´s
written in these reports; in order to understand it
myself. Also drawings, or any other way to put out where
the more of 180 wound were in the bodies. And as a
profesional if the "official truth" that 2 men, in their
20's, petty criminals, no sexual crimes, one of them
homosexual with gonorrhea; could have done all this
atrocities by themselves. In an abandoned house in the
middle of the woods, with no light or water. With the help
of a stick, and two rocks wr apped in a t-shirt. That
sound cientific to an expert?
Now I have to assume that in the last mail, you have
finally understand me, and "answer" my questions.
Do I have to take that I have needed to wait a year to
make myself clear about what I wanted? Of course I didn´t
rush you, that I wanted the report I expected in a month.
I understand that you are probably very busy ( Dr. Cuervo
usually tells me about have much work, and how little time
she have ). I didn´t want to overload you. I could wait a
few months. But I didn´t expect a year.
But what´s incredible it´s that what you gave me it´s like
18 lines about "I cannot find any criticism of the
Spanish authorities in regards to how the autopsies were
carried out".
Do you needed a year to gave me that?
Do you really think that´s up to your professional
I can not, and I will not accept this 18
report that I ordened, to be included in
that wanted to put a professional light
have been working for 10 years. And was,
one of Spain´s most obscure and shameful
lines as the
a documentary
in a case that I
it´s and will be
cases in crime
PD: Thanks to the Netflix thing, some authorities are
considering to re-open the case. Based in the shameful
outdiging of the bodies, and the unknown bones founded in
the body bags ( if you have read the autopsy reports you
will know, that a serrated bone from an unknown teenager
girl was found in the first autopsy, and dismissed in
court ).
10 sept.
para mí
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I am really insulted and offended with your response to my email and feel this
conversation is getting lost in translation.
May I point out that from the initial conversation with Ana Cuervo last year, she was
made aware of my area of expertise, that I did not want payment until the work was
complete regardless or not you felt it appriopiate to make a payment. I also never in any
of my emails to Ana that you had to pay immediately.
I also have emails stating from her from yourself that you wanted me to hold off on the
work as you were having surgery. I also have emails from myself to you what exactly
you wanted from this and didn’t give a clear answer until recently.
I translated all the autopsy reports from Spanish to English, so I seen what the content
I didn’t make any suggestion that you were a ‘hoax’ in my last email. I stated I get hoax
emails from people in general and this was not made in a personal way.
I was not aware that this was going to be used for a documentary from yourself or Dr
I DO have all the email conversations between myself, you and Dr Cuevro, so I suggest
you get your facts absolutely right before you make wild and defamatory remarks about