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Certificado cable de acero

Jiangsu Fasten Special Steel products Co., Ltd
Quality Certificate (14)
Specification: wire rope for suspended platform
Standard No.: Q/320281PM02-2010
Diameter of wire rope (mm): 4*31SW+FC -8.30
Product code: A11-591-8
Length (m): 2000
Lubricate method: D-1
G.W.(kg) 530.0
No: 321
Series No.: 13542-29
Issued person:
Issued date: 2018.09.20
Twist method: Z
Package: 75 wood
N.W.(kg): 495.0
Test record of wire rope
Nominal diameter of wire rope (mm)
Nominal anti-pull intensity (MPa)
≥ 2160
Test items
Real test scope
Anti-pull intensity (MPa)
≥ 2260
Bending (Time/180°)
Torsion (Time/360°)
Knotting rate (N)
Quality of galvanized layer (g/m²)
≥ 15.00
Break force of wire rope (KN)
≥ 55.50
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