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Activity 2
Unit 1 and 2: Writing Assignment
Jhonatan Camilo Lopez Vergara
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Hector Hernando Hoyos
Duties and rights as passenger in a flight
Part 1: After checking the Unit 1 Topic 2: Modal Verbs, write 1 sentence using each
one of the modal verbs regarding your duties and rights as passenger in a flight: can
– could – may - must - should - ought to – have to – need to- had better - would.
I must fasten my seat belt during take-off.
1 You can not carry out or execute obscene acts.
2. If the delay is more than six hours, I could receive a compensation of at least
25% of the value of the trip
3. if you need it you can watch movies and listen to music on the trip
4. If the flight is interrupted after 10 o'clock at night, you should request
5. The airline must inform passengers about the networks, the cancellation and the
diversion of the same.
6. As a passenger I have the right to receive food during the flight
7. You ought to vaccinated against yellow fever before traveling to jungle areas
8. I would like to see the sea and the mountains during the flight
9. Had better be able to check in early on the flight..
10. When I need to go to the bathroom we can do it
Part 2: According to the topic Past Progressive (Unit 1: Topic 3), each student must
write 5 things you were doing yestserday and 5 things you were not at home:
Example: I was cleaning my room yesterday.
I was not watching my favorite TV show.
5 things you were doing yestserday:
1. I was yesterday dancing at a salsa concert
2. I was eating hamburger yesterday
3. I was watching a movie on television yesterday
4. I was yesterday walking to the hotel
5.I was celebrating yesterday my brother's degree
5 things you were not at home:
1. I was not cooking in my house, I was cooking in melani's house
2. I was not scrubbing the bathroom, I was scrubbing the bathroom
3. He was not trotting in the room, he was jogging in the park
4. We were not smoking at home, we were smoking on the street.
5. I was not eating in the bathroom, I was eating in the dining room