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crisol de razas - Group assignment 1

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Crisol de razas
Group Assignment 1
Elaborado Por:
Daniela Diaz
Eggithan Robles
Johan Fonseca
Professor: Manuel Arango
Panamá, Panamá, July 30th 2019
Since the beginning of our human history, it is well known that we came from a mix of
cultures and different type of people, making us what we are these days, different colors,
different nationalities and different cultures.
This phenomenon has its own name, which is “melting pot” making reference to the fusion
of different ethnicities and cultures from all around the world.
This situation also happens in panama, well known as the isthmus of the world and the bridge
of the Americas.
The crisol de razas or “the melting pot” is the result of a mix of two or more cultures or
nationalities from any country of the world. It is often used to represent the way in which
heterogeneous societies gradually become homogeneous societies, in which the ingredients
mixed in the 'crucible' (people of different cultures, ethnicities and religions) combine to form
a multiethnic society.
Since Panama was a colony of Spain, it was used as a transit route through its narrow territory
and its privileged location for what drew the attention of European powers such as Scotland,
who wanted to settle in the isthmus. This was further intensified during the construction of
the railroad in 1850, the failure of the French Channel and later in 1904 the Panama Canal
that attracted labor from Antillean countries such as Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint
Lucia, Guadeloupe, Barbados and Jamaica, From Central America, Europe and Asia (much
of them from China). The country has a Caribbean culture, however, historically, the ties that
link Panama with South America are strong, because it was part of Gran Colombia until 1903,
composed at that time also of Venezuela, Nueva Granada and Ecuador.
Panama has a variety of ethnic groups, which include the Chinese, Hindus, Jews, Spaniards,
Americans, Colombians, Italians, Argentines, Greeks, French, Arabs, Venezuelans,
Dominicans, Chileans, among others, who have influenced the culture Panamanian in the
area of language originating Panamanian Spanish, in gastronomy, in the practice of baseball
introduced by Americans, in music giving rise to Reggae in Spanish and Reggaeton, among
This process represented an estimated income of $ 52 million for the country, just for 2015.
The crisol de razas allows people from other nationalities have a legal status, allowing them
to get a job and work legally in the country, making Panama fill work places benefitting
either the foreigner or the country. The crisol de razas allows to have qualified people to
improve the economic growth within the coming years.
Worldwide, this melting pot helps to create a uniform globalization within cultures and
nations, exchanging values, products, customary ways to get things done and a lot better thing
for everyone, but as good things, there are also some bad things that this mix can bring, bad
values, antisocial behaviors, hate feeling between countries.
It is up to every country to take the right steps to identify what profile can be the best for
their needs.