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CarbonoTech-The Coal Carbonization Experts

Grow with us
The Coal Carbonization Experts
The Growing Demand
The global demand for Steel production
continues to grow. According to CARE
research report, the Indian steel demand
is likely to grow by 6.7% till FY17. The
demand for metallurgical coke, which is
a crucial raw material in steel making,
will grow to meet the global demand of
steel production.
The metallurgical coke demand for other
sector like soda ash plant, zinc smelters,
chemical manufacturers etc are also
Apart from Coking Coal supplies, Cost-effective, innovative, reliable
solutions are required for coke making, with a strong focus on
environmentally friendly technologies, to meet these growing needs.
CarbonoTech meets these challenges by providing complete
solutions for Metallurgical coke Industries based on state-of-the-art
coke oven technologies basically Non Recovery type coke oven with
waste heat recovery for power generation but also for by product
recovery coke oven plants as required by any investor.
With our vast experience, we constantly strive to make Coke oven
plants efficient, reliable, flexible and increasingly simple in
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The 'Science & Process' of coke making from coal can be from Imported
sources. But the 'Technology' which is the Hardware can be of Indigenous
source. CarbonoTech can offer Indigenous technology which will be best
suited for Indian Conditions of personnel skill available, optimum
mechanisation & automation. The 'Science & Process' can be further
improved by adoption of best suitable' Technology' ie., the hardware.
CarbonoTech can offer effective and economic coke oven plant and its
We are a fast growing global expert with over four decades of experience
in the field of Non Recovery Coke Oven Technology. We empower you with
the entire range services right from conception of a plant to the
completion of the project in the field of Coke Making and ancillary
industries including testing, trial runs and commissioning services, advice
on stabilization of operation, imparting training needs to investor's
commissioning and the operation of Non Recovery Coke Oven allows us to
give a comprehensive practical touch to our design and construction.
At CarbonoTech we are committed to provide innovative, cost-effective
optimum solution & customization as per our client requirements & our
endeavour for high quality, cost competitive work & safety has helped on
developing long-term relationships.
CarbonoTech in its quest to be a leading EPC company & Technology
provider is committed for continual improvement of its processes to
enhance customer Satisfaction.
CarbonoTech offers highly cost effective solutions to its clients by
considering the key investment factors in:
• Project schedule
• Investment cost
• Plant Efficiency
• Maintenance costs
• Operational Flexibility
• Maximum & Effective usage of
Local skills
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The Name You Can
Building Trust,
Creating Values & Providing
Effective Technology
Keeping You
The CarbonoTech Advantage
Technology Driven
CarbonoTech has the ability to offer the
most appropriate technology for any
project. CarbonoTech also provides cost
effective Indigenous Technology for Non
recovery Coke oven.
Experts in project
management skills & expertise in areas such
procurement, logistics, site construction,
quality and commissioning. With our
experience team we meet all the demands &
complexities and are highly focused on project
Our team is our Strength
With Core team experience ranging over
four decades, CarbonoTech is equipped
with a wide range of services to its Clients.
With experts from wide spectrum,
CarbonoTech is able to provide practical,
competitive & cost effective solutions.
On-time and on-budget
CarbonoTech is continuously focused for
delivering projects on-time and on-budget.
This enables our Clients for a sustained,
profitable growth. With our strong planning
we simplify the complexities of project,
which in turn enables us to deliver a timely
within budget project.
Capacity, Flexibility and Reliability
CarbonoTech with its experienced team has the capacity to undertake complex projects
while maintaining the standards of quality and the essential flexibility to respond
quickly and effectively to uncertainties. With our innovative design CarbonoTech offers
full customization as per client needs. CarbonoTech is indeed a reliable partner for major
coke oven project investments.
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CarbonoTech provides complete process know how and technology,
design and engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning
services for Non Recovery Coke Oven projects with waste heat recovery
Power plants from concept to Commissioning as Project Management
Consultant (PMC), Specialised Services contracts, semi-turnkey basis or
on lump sum turnkey basis(LSTK) with single point responsibility.
CarbonoTech offer the following services:Pre-project / Project Development Services
Consultancy Services
Engineering Services
Project Management & Coordination
Construction & Commissioning Supervision
Coke Oven Machineries & Equipments
Preparation of DPR cum TEVR reports
Advice on coal selection for making the blend.
Pre-project / Project Development Services
Conceptualization & Technical Know How
Feasibility Reports / Cost Estimation Reports
Front End Engineering Design (FEED Package)
Detailed project report
Optimization and modernization
Consultancy Services
Engineering Services
Basic studies / engineering
Detailed engineering consultant
Design calculations & drawings
Project Management Consultant
Enquiry specifications
Coke oven machinery Consultancy
Technical bid analysis
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Competitive Solutions
Our Offerings
Our Offerings
Customize Solutions
….. Cont’d
Project Management & Coordination
Project Implementation
Project planning, scheduling & control
Budgetary & cost control
Contract administration
Liaison with statutory authorities
Procurement Assistance
Technical Assistance in Inspection & Expediting
Construction & Commissioning Services
Construction monitoring & control of field activities
Supervision & Site coordination
Start-up & commissioning assistance
O & M manual preparation
Training of Client personnel
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….. Cont’d
Coke Oven Machineries & Equipments
Hydraulic & Movable Type Stamping Station
Coal Cake Charging Cum Pusher Car
Coke quenching Car
Coal Handling Plant and preparation
Coal charge blending facility
Coke cutting & Screening Plant
Independent pusher car
Stationary pusher device
Coal & coke conveyor system
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Competitive Solutions
Competitive Solutions
Our Offerings
Business Areas
Cost Effective
CarbonoTech provides cost effective services in respect of befitting
process and Technology, Project Management and implementation
services right from concept stage to commissioning stage,
consultancy services for the following sector:
⦿ Coal
⦿ Power Plant
⦿ Water
Non Recovery Coke Oven
Heat Recovery Coke Oven
Coal beneficiation / washery plants
Coal stacking and reclaiming system
Coal / Coke briquetting plants
Organised coal blending facilities.
Coke Oven Machineries & Equipments
Power Plant
Thermal power plants (All types).
Solar power plant.
Waste heat co-generation power plant.
Desalination plants.
Drinking water projects
CarbonoTech also offers services for the following engineering projects /
disciplines:• Bulk and unit load material handling facilities
• Fire hydrant network.
• Industrial piping network – both yard and in shop.
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 Refractory brick work made of High alumina Fireclay bricks / Fireclay
bricks commensurate with the duty requirements.
 Sturdier buttress walls made up of Fireclay bricks/Red bricks or
reinforced cement concrete.
 Sturdier buck stays & tie rods along sturdier wall thicknesses.
 Lighter roof brick work ensuring effective insulation and at the same
time ensuring non-sagging of roof arch of oven chamber.
 Effective cooling channels below the oven sole floor and top of the RCC
supporting slab of foundation.
 Distribution of primary air along the length of the oven into the crown of
the oven chamber ensuring effective and uniform combustion of
VM/gases in the oven chamber crown along the length of oven.
 Equalizing duct along the length of oven chamber at top of down comer
flues ensuring uniform draft effect along the length of oven chamber.
 Effective insulation provision to reduce the heat losses from the oven
 Correct and optimum radius of curvature of the roof ensuring maximum
radiation reflection of the heat from the bottom surface of roof arch into
the coal charge.
 Effective control with long life for the chimney damper made of firecrete
super/ insulate cast able. Individual durable oven damper of high
alumina fireclay slabs.
 Provisions for Secondary air control
 Adequate and ample chimney height for creating adequate draft and also
keeping in view the height of chimney required when cogeneration
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The Name You Can
CarbonoTech offers Non-recovery coke oven with oven chambers of
varied capacity with optimum oven width from 1-8M to 2.2 M and with
oven lengths of 5.87M, 8.00M, 10-30M and also can be made for any
optimum oven widths & lengths. The unique design features
incorporates the following:
Innovative Features
Pillars of Strength
Credibility Rises
Mr. M.R. Rajagopal, BE (Mech.), and has professional experience for the last
49 years since 1964 in the field of Coal Washeries, Coal Preparation and
Handling Plants, Coke Oven Plants, Coke Screening and Handling Plants,
Power Plants, Water Projects, Chemical Plant Piping & Material Handling &
Material Handling Plants. He also has done engineering models for various
projects. He had carried out and involved right from the Process Technology
stage up to commissioning of Coke Oven Plants & others & involved in Project
Management, PERT/CPM scheduling, Progress & Exception reports, Basic &
Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Tender Evaluation, placing orders,
supervision of construction and erection, inspection activities, testing &
commissioning activities.
 From 1964 to 1990 had worked in Metallurgical Engineering & Consultants
(I) Ltd (at H.O. Ranchi & site offices at Durgapur, Rourkela, Bhilai &
 Had involved in Durgapur Steel Plant expansions of coke ovens, Rourkela &
involved in 7M tall coke ovens and CDQ Plants etc at Bhilai & Vizag & had
undertaken 1 year training in GIROKOKS Design Institute, KHARKOV
Ukraine SSR in the field of coal washeries, coal handling and Coke Oven
 He has enough experience in the field of non-recovery coke oven plants.
 He was involved in Implementation of TiO2 Pigment Plant in Kerala
through MECON.
 He also worked as a World Bank Consultant for implementation of Coke
Plant for Foundry Coke in Bangladesh & prepared DPR cum TEFR.
 He has carried out preparation of DPR cum TEFR for various Coke Oven
Projects in India.
 Was involved with DMT Institute, RAG & Thyssen Encoke Germany
Companies for Coke Oven Projects & visited Germany many times.
 He had refresher course in the Material Handling Systems in the University
of Roorkee, U.P.
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Mr. S.K.Nath , B.E( Metallurgical ) from the prestigious Banaras Hindu
University(BHU) in 1968 & have over 45 years of dedicated, rich &
comprehensive practical knowledge in Designing, Erection,
Commissioning & Operation of Non Recovery Coke ovens. He is an
expert in the field of selection of Coal and Coal products related
industries. He has undergone a Course in Coal Carbonization organized
by Institute Of Fuels, London at Central Fuel Research Institute,
Dhanbad. He started career in 1969 as an Entrepreneur & founded
Economic Industries in, Tinsukia, Assam. Economic Industries was
initially a Briquetting plant based on his own design for producing fuel
for domestic use from coal and coke breeze. Subsequently in 1974,
Economic Industries was transformed and installed Non Recovery
Coke-Ovens indigenously for producing coke from high volatile, highly
caking Assam coal. With immense operational experience and R&D
works in the field of coke oven, Mr. Nath has developed advanced
design & technology for Non Recovery Coke oven indigenously. He has
also developed cost effective design for Coal cake charging car with
integrated pusher system and Mobile Stamping System. Apart from the
above, Mr. Nath is an expert in Project Management as well as Strategic
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Credibility Rises
Pillars of Strength
Let Us Learn
Process Flow Diagram
Coal receival, Storage & Reclaim System
Coke Oven Cross Section
Coke Oven Plants
Coke receival, Storage & Load out System
Power Plant Block Diagram
Integrated Scheme of Coke making with Co-generation of Electric Power
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CarbonoTech is committed to take care & conserve the Environment
for a better tomorrow.
By promoting Non-Recovery Coke Oven technology for coke making,
and other clean technology we are fulfilling our commitment toward a
cleaner World.
As per regulation vide Gazette of Indian (MoEF)’s notification dated
31.10.1997, adoption of Non Recovery Coke oven for coke is itself a
Non-Recovery Coke Oven along with co-generation of Power, has the
potential to be qualified as CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM)
projects under KYOTO protocol of THE UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK
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Environment Credibility Rises
We Care Environment
Partnering Growth
Our Associates
CarbonoTech engages organization depending upon specific
requirement that is needed & best suited for the project with full
responsibilities and commitments.
Some of Our associates are as follows
M/s. Eastern Construction,
Haldia, W.B.
M/s. Astha Energy Pvt.
Technical Solutions Group,
Kolkata, W.B.
M/s. Nu Furnace Engineers
M/s. Shree Ambika
Industries, Dhanbad
M/s. Yog Constructions.
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