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East Stroudsburg
East Stroudsburg Facility
East Stroudsburg Facility
Located in East Stroudsburg, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, the Cooper Power Systems’ Line
Construction Materials facility has earned the reputation for over 70 years of being a reliable, quality manufacturer of
a wide variety of hardware products. Our facility has always had, and continues to have a long term commitment to
exceptional quality and customer service. Cooper Power Systems’ “easy to do business” approach has made us the
supplier of choice. Although our manufacturing specialties lie in line construction materials, our facility has the
capacity and the capabilities to satisfy a wide range of metal fabrication needs, including customized hardware
requirements and OEM components. The following pages include a list of just some of our capabilities and is not
intended to be all encompassing.
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East Stroudsburg Facility
Cooper Power Systems takes pride in delivering
a reliable quality product to our customers in a
short amount of time. Using the latest computer
aided engineering equipment and state of the art
in-house tool department capable of producing
virtually all tooling necessary to meet your
requirements, our engineering department will
work closely with you to assure an expeditious
product development.
Our wire-draw line has the capability to convert
hot-rolled coiled stock to finished rod sizes up to
5/8" diameter, which includes cleaning, straightening and cutting to length, from 6" to 8' long
with precision of up to + or - .0005 diameter.
Hot & cold forging is available depending on
economy and performance requirements. Hot
forging involves heating the metal beyond its
malleable point and forging the material in a
press or hammer. If precise dimensional control
is required, secondary machining is available.
Cold forging involves shaping metal by plastic
deformation of the material beyond its yield point
using very high pressure. Our capabilities
include eight upsetters that can upset up to 1" in
diameter and up to 9" long, on steel rods up to
10' long, in round or square shapes, with deformations up to 16 times the diameter (depending
on the material size). We have experience in
working with ferrous materials from low carbon
range through ANSI 1045 and many alloy
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East Stroudsburg Facility
Our facility has extensive experience
in the stamping of most of the ductile
materials, including steel, aluminum
and brass. Our twenty-one presses
with capacities from 75 ton to 400 ton
are capable of handling material up
to .5" thick, 17" wide and 96" long.
Deep drawing up to 7" in depth is
possible on some materials.
Our ability to roll or cut threads allows the flexibility
necessary in meeting our customer’s requirements. Our
six roll thread and two cut thread machines are capable
of forming any standard thread to class 1, 2 or 3
tolerances. Rolled threads can be formed on material
ranging from 1/2" to 7/8" in diameter and cut threads
from 1/2" to 1 1/2". External threads can be rolled or cut
up to 6" long, with continuous threads up to 60". Internal
threads can be cut up to a depth of 3".
Galvanizing protects steel from corrosive attack acting as a
shield between the steel and the atmosphere. Zinc’s higher
electrochemical properties allows it to act as a galvanic protector, sacrificing itself in the presence of corrosive elements
and continuing to protect even when moderate size areas of
bare steel have been exposed. Our facility is equipped with
two hot-dip galvanizing kettles 20' long and 2.5' wide by 6'
deep. These lines are complete with pre-cleaning pickling
tanks for appropriate part preparation, high speed spinning
equipment for zinc coating uniformity and quench tanks to
assure proper hardness. A unique water purification and
acid recovery system enables us to provide hot-dip galvanizing while reducing our waste and maintaining our responsibility to the environment.
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East Stroudsburg Facility
An established quality assurance program has been in place and adhered to for years. Through the production
process, we insure that our customer’s requirements are met through in-process sampling and inspection. Detailed
final inspections guarantee conformity to design. All material received is certified to meet ASTM/ANSI and/or stringent
internally developed specifications. Products manufactured at our facility meet or exceed the latest specifications of
one or more of the following:
Association of American Railways
American Electric Railway Association
American National Standards Institute
American Society for Testing Materials
American Telephone and Telegraph
Canadian Standards Association
Edison Electric Institute
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
National Electric Manufacturers Association
Rural Electrification Association
A company is not capable of being in business for over 70 years without forming special relationships. Cooper Power
Systems’ East Stroudsburg facility is no exception. Our many years of being in the metal fabrication business has
allowed us to maintain multiple sources of supply for all materials required to insure meeting our customer’s
specifications and delivery requirements.
Although our facility is extremely proud of our past accomplishments, relationships and dedication to excellence, we
are even more determined to becoming better in the future. Building on the past and Cooper Power Systems’
commitment to the future, clearly makes us the supplier of “Choice”.
January 2001 • Supersedes 11/97 • ©2001 Cooper Power Systems, Inc.